My Recent Bold Travel Adventure!

I’m sharing #LISTERINE in my life as part of a LISTERINE ® sponsored series for Socialstars™.

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Hey All!

I just had a very bold adventure to the Cook Islands. It’s a group of islands that are near New Zealand and Australia. It’s like their version of Hawaiian, except it’s not as industrial or city like. It’s a very natural environment which kind of took me out of my comfort zone. It was a very bold move for me to accept this trip to visit. It was a media trip, which meant it was a bit of work and play. The work meant having to visit and meet numerous hotel and PR representatives and the fun meant getting to hang out and site see. When I’m traveling, always on the go and constantly meeting new people, I always like to have LISTERINE Pocketpaks® in my purse or in my pocket.  They’re portable and convenient, making them the perfect summer travel companion. They help keep me confident that after all the meals and running around my breath is always fresh when I meet new people.

Cook Islands Beach

As you can see it was a gorgeous place to visit. This island was called Aitutaki and it had beautiful white sandy beaches. There was nothing on this island for miles. It’s literally like being stranded on an island. Nothing says bold like being ok with being on an island in the middle of the pacific with nothing but your hubby and 5 other people. If our boat got stuck or shut down, we would have literally been stranded there. That didn’t stop me from stepping foot on the beautiful white side and basking in that unbelievably blue water.

Me on the Beach

Being a the owner of my own business, I have to constantly push myself to experience and try new things. This allows me to grow as a person and to discover things others may not know about yet. It helps me to feel confident about myself and my business.

Listerine Pocket Packs

Having these LISTERINE Pocketpaks® help with that confidence and boldness as well. I need to feel confident with my smile and my breath where ever I go and these help ensure my breath is smelling great.

Listerine Pocket Pack

I also love that they fit perfectly inside my bossy bag. They honestly fit perfectly any where since they are so small!

Bossy Purse

I don’t travel with out my LISTERINE Pocketpaks®! I need them especially when I’m on a bold adventure to a place I’ve never been before, like my recent trip to the Cook Islands.

Listerine Pocket Pack Purse Size

Who knows where my next adventure will take me this summer, but I know I’ll be bold enough to take the challenge to go!

Thanks to LISTERINE® for partnering with me to share my recent bold travel adventure!

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