My Roadtrip To Comic Con 2013 With The Mazda5! #mazda5 #zoomzoom

Disclosure: I was solely provided with this car to take a road trip to San Diego. All Opinions are my own.


Hey All!

I recently had the amazing opportunity to take a road trip to San Diego Comic Con in the awesome 2013 Mazda5. It was a great vehicle because it was the perfect size car to fit us along with all our luggage, geek swag, and geek products that we purchased at the convention. It looks small on the outside but it’s surprisingly big on the inside.


It was a smooth ride to San Diego and we couldn’t help but enjoy the ride with all the great features of the Mazda5. My fiance’ and I loved the car so much we are definitely considering it as our next vehicle as it’s like a family mini-van but much cooler. If you see the picture below the car looks like it’s smiling and is happy to have us driving it as well.


It seats six with a fold down third-row of seats that makes the trunk area space larger which is always a bonus.

The Mazda5 has great sliding rear doors that open wide so people can climb in and out of the vehicle easily. The second-row of seats is also very spacious and it fits not only people but a car seat perfectly. The sliding door and the space in the second row of seats make it the perfect family vehicle.


It not only has front air conditioning controls, but it also has a vents and controls in the second row of seats. The Sirius satellite radio, USB port, and BlueTooth technology allowed us to enjoy our favorite tunes while answering calls in a hands free way. It made the drive safer as we didn’t have to search for ear pieces. I do wish the car had a navigation system, but it we were perfectly fine with out it.


The Mazda5 has airbags, anti-lock brakes, and an alert system that is activated when you put the car in reverse for parking. It beeps when you get to close to a car so you don’t bump a car when you park.


My favorite feature of the car has to be the hidden compartments under the second row of seats. It’s such a god send especially when your at comic con and staying in hotels. It came especially handy when we had to check out of our hotel and we didn’t want to lug all our laptops around. We hid the laptops under the seats and put some bags over the seats. No one would have never known they were in there. It was fantastic!


It was great on fuel as we literally made it to San Diego and we didn’t have to refuel until we were driving back. We drove to San Diego and all around the city on that one tank of gas. It was pretty amazing. The EPA for the Mazda5 is 21 MPG city and 28 MPG highway although I feel it went even further for us.

The Mazda5 is a great car and it was so great to drive for our week at Comic Con 2013.  This car starts at just $19,940 and you can find even more info about this amazing car at