My Seasonal Allergy Fix!

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Ricola Herb Drops and Tea

Hey All!

When Spring comes around it brings with it some lovely weather and time to spend outside. I love to have pinics and to go for hikes with my friends, family, and hubby. Sadly, Spring also brings seasonal allergies as well. It’s a rough time for me as I get non-stop runny noses, an irritating cough and scratchy throat, and I tend to lose my voice because of this. Since I’ve been dealing with this for some time, I’ve created a remedy that I use each season and it includes Ricola Original Herb Cough Drops. Did you know over 50% of people with seasonal allergies suffer coughs and itchy throats too? Ricola’s secret blend of 10 Swiss herbs can give your throat an extra drop of soothing relief. Popping a Ricola Original is part of the process that I do each day during this time. I also do a few more steps that keep me allergy free and I decided I’d share with you my other steps in hopes it will help your allergy symptoms.

Tea with Ricola Herb Drops

I make myself some warm tea with my Ricola. I find the warm tea opens up my nose and soothes my throat. I drop one Original Ricola into my tea and it works wonders! I make sure I do this every morning before I head outside. This helps me so much! I love tea, so the combo of my tea and Ricola is the perfect combination for me.

Tea Drop Ricola

And who wouldn’t love making tea in this tea pot as well every morning? I know I do! I love it!

Ice Cream Tea Kettle

After my tea, I take my Antihistamine because I need one. This keeps my nose in check, so it doesn’t mess with my throat. It prevents my runny nose from my allergies and any post nasal drip from happening.

I then pile some of my Ricola in my bag for the day. I can’t leave home with out it as it keeps me sounding and feeling good. When you’re treating your allergies, Ricola is the extra drop of (allergy symptom) relief that soothes your itchy throat and cough. That’s because every Ricola drop has our Swiss Herb blend that goes to work to quickly and naturally relieve an itchy throat and cough caused by allergies.

Ricola Herb Drops Carry Purse

There is nothing worse than trying to have fun with friends and constantly coughing or not being able to talk because of your allergies. I don’t have to worry about losing out on that enjoyment when I keep my Ricola around.

Ricola Herb Drops Purse Inside

Allergies can almost make you look like you have a cold and that’s not how I like to go out. I like to look and feel just like my mirror says.

Ricola Herb Drops

If you suffer from an irritating cough or scratchy throat during the allergy season, there’s an easy way to get an extra drop of soothing relief. Just pop a natural Ricola herb drop. And drop it!s

Head to CVS to snag yourself some Ricola drops! If you’re looking for more allergy information at as well.

I hope my allergy relief remedies help you with your own seasonal allergies this year!