My Spring Break Bag Essentials!

Tampax 1 

Hey All!

Here in California, we’re getting ready for spring break! The rainy winter days will be gone soon and I couldn’t be happier. Woot! That means lots of sunny warmer days ahead. Spring is my favorite of all the seasons, because the weather is just right for being out and about. I’m so excited because I can go back to the beach and travel around more. When I’m packing for the beach, a trip, a lunch meeting, or girls day out, there are few essentials I need to have with me at all times.

Tampax Box

One item of course is my Tampax Pearl! Regardless of the season, my flow always comes to town to visit at the most unfortunate times.

Thankfully, I’m always prepared thanks to the Tampax Pearl. It is small in size and super easy to pack in any bag I’m walking around with or traveling with. They also come in some super cute yellow printed packaging as well, which goes with a lot of my spring accessories. Everything needs to match right?!

For example, if I’m having a weekend beach staycation in Baja and I just feel like wearing my banana purse, I can stick my Tampax pearl right in my bag no problem. They also match my bag and its contents perfectly. I also can’t go on vacation without my lip glaze, make up brushes, cute necklaces, pens, watermelon lip balm, my keys and my sunglasses of course. Everything has to fit inside my bag and I can’t have any thing bulky taking up space.

What's In My Banana Purse

Did I forget to mention they are very easy to use as well? I just looked at the directions once and I was good to go!

What's In My Banana Purse 2

During Spring Break, I also have a lot of business lunches outside and I usually have my smaller bossy bag with me. I also have to have my donut note pad and gold pens to take notes, my pineapple lip balm, Get Happy Mirror, lip gloss, and my B & B charm bracelet with me. Believe it or not, that all fits perfectly inside my bossy bag with my Tampax Pearl.

What's In My Bossy Purse

It’s one small but mighty bag. What’s great is the Tampax Pearl tampons don’t take up much space in this bag, so I’m still able to get almost the same amount of space inside of it. It’s almost like they aren’t even inside!

I can fit all I mentioned above and all you see below in that small little wonder bag!

What's In My Bossy Purse 1

Lastly, when I’m going out for a girl’s day out to snack on some tasty treats, I need to make sure I take my tasty treats clutch with me. I can fit my Tampax Pearl tampon, lipstick, Get Happy mirror, cereal bowl lip balm, keys, and any other random cuteness in this bag. Yes, some times you may find a pizza slice eraser in my bag. These things happen!

What's In My Tasty Treats Purse

These are all my spring break must haves when I’m traveling or out and about! If you’re looking for a convenient and easy to carry tampon, I highly recommend the Tampax Pearl!

I hope you enjoyed this special look at what’s inside my bags during the Spring time. You also got a look at my eclectic collection of handbags! I have so many amazing bags I can’t wait to wear during Spring Break!

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