My Favorite Items To Bring When Traveling!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Master Lock. All opinions are 100% mine.

My Favorite Travel Items

Hey All!

I don’t know about you, but I’m always panicked about losing things or having things stolen during travel. I’ve heard so many stories of people having things stolen out of their luggage and out of their hotel rooms. I’ve now made it a point to make sure I put a TSA-accepted luggage lock on all my luggage when I travel. I have a Master Lock 4680DBLK. It offers some great on-the-go security and features an easy-to-use combination lock that affixes to your luggage. It’s an affordable and reliable solution that keeps your valuables protected whether you’re en route to your destination, such as checking your bags at the airport, or once you’ve arrived and your luggage is stored in your hotel room. Master Lock is a brand I’ve trusted since I was a kid. We all had Master Lock on our lockers in high school, Am I right?

Master Lock 4680D

That’s just one of my favorite items to bring with me when traveling.

Here are all my favorite items:

SentrySafe Portable Combination Safe

To keep my valuables safe when traveling, I carry a SentrySafe Portable Combination Safe. It keeps items like your passport, your cell phone, money, keys, jewelry, wallet, credit cards or other small valuables secure while traveling. I also love to keep any little items we pick up as souvenirs like this cute little hand painted portrait inside the safe. I don’t want anything to happen to anything unique I buy while we’re out site seeing.

SentrySafe Portable Combination Safe 2

When you’re not traveling, it’s also great to use at work, on campus or at the gym. Its water-resistant construction helps keep your small belongings protected, and the durable cable can be wrapped securely around a fixed object or serve as a carrying handle. Master Lock is the go-to security resource and is dedicated to providing reliable, easy-to-use safety and security solutions so you can live a more secure life. As you can see below, it fits everything and then some securely inside the safe.

SentrySafe Portable Combination Safe 3

I also always travel with some money, my cute flamingo past port holder…

Flamingo Passport Holder

My B&B Charm Bracelet to represent Brite and Bubbly where ever I go…

B & B Bracelet

My favorite watch and wallet…

Watch and Master Lock 4680D

And some fun jewelry and some post cards to keep in touch with family as we travel.

SentrySafe Portable Combination Safe

If anything happened to any of these items when I was traveling, I would flip out big time. The necklace alone is from Australia and is very important to me. The bracelet was a gift from the hubby too. I can’t live with out these items, hence why I take them with me when I travel.

I do have piece of mind that all my valuable and important items are safe when I travel thanks to Master Lock.

Travel Safe with Master Lock!

For Everything Worth Protecting While Traveling, you’ve got Master Lock!


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