My Toma Leche Positive Song Award Goes To…#Positivismo #PremiosJuventud

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Hey all!

Are you going to tune into Univision for the Premios Juventud Music Awards 2013 on July 18th at 6pm PT/9pm ET? I know I will be! You can follow all the conversation about this amazing Award show on Twitter via the hashtags #Positivismo and #PremiosJuventud before and after the event. My online friend El Maestro Del Vaso Medio Lleno also can’t wait for this show either. You can visit his Facebook page and learn some amazing things about staying positive and the benefits of drinking milk.

Surely most of the artists nominated for the Premios Juventud Awards dreamt of being famous singers when they were kids and now they’re nominated. Those great dreams may have started with a great night’s sleep and a delicious glass of milk just before going to bed; as it may help you have a better night’s sleep. I know I always drink a glass of warm milk when I’m nervous or stressed before bed and it helps me sleep better. I hope the artists do the same as it may help them wake up more positive.

A recommendation to all the artists nominated for the Premios Juventud Awards; Drink a glass of milk before going to the awards show, it may help you be more positive. So if you don’t win, it may help you see life with the glass half full. It’s always nice to stay positive in any situation. It’s truly an honor to be nominated and the artists who were nominated should know that they are truly the best to have made it this far.

“Milk contains the protein alpha-lactalbumin, rich in tryptophan, that tells the brain to sleep,” says Dr. Milton Erman, President of Pacific Sleep Medicine Services and a member of Scripps Clinic Medical Group in La Jolla. “Plus, you wake up feeling rested the next morning.

With all these nerves and not knowing who will win a Premios Juventud Awards, I am going to drink a glass of milk before sleeping tonight. Because the benefits of the milk may help for a better night’s sleep and help you wake up with a more positive attitude.


Check out this fun positivismo video below. Hopefully it will help spread the positivity.

They should give an award to the most positive song in the show! I think I’m going to give out a “Toma Leche Positive Song Award” to a special Premios Juventud nominee that I feel is the most positive song nominated. Someone should get a special award for being so positive right?

I nominate “Algo Me Gusta De Tí” from Wisin y Yandel (Ft. Chris Brown & T-Pain) for the “Toma Leche Positive Song Award.” The song is a feel good upbeat song that literally talks about all the things they like in their significant other. If that’s not positive I don’t know what is. It always makes me feel good when I hear it and I always want to get up and dance when I hear it.

Being Puerto Rican and Cuban dancing always makes me feel good and the message behind the song is positive. Wisin y Yandel get my Toma Leche Positive Song Award for bringing the most Positive song to the awards.

Who would you nominate for a Toma Leche Positive Song Award?

Don’t forget to tune into Univision for the Premios Juventud Music Awards 2013 on July 18th at 6pm PT/9pm ET!