My Top 10 healthy tipsfor back-to-school! #transitionslenses

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How do you get your kids ready for back to school. I know my teen when he was younger, it took a lot of kicking and screaming to get him ready for back to school. Now a days it’s not so hard thank god! We still do all the standards to get ready for school to make sure he stays healthy through out the school year. I also want him to start off the year healthy so here are some tips to make sure your child starts the year off happy and healthy.

My 10 Healthy Tips to Help Get Your Kids Ready for Back to School:

Tip 1:

I like to make sure my kid eats healthy this summer and have lots of physical activity, so when they get to school they have enough energy to get going for the school year.

Tip 2:
I always make sure my kid gets that yearly physical. You need to make sure your kids are healthy.

Tip 3:
Make sure you get any foods that are specific to the dietary needs of your child. We all have bowel issues in my home, So I like to make sure I make all our lunches so they don’t risk any upset stomachs at school if they eat something they shouldn’t at school.

Tip 4:
Keep healthy snacks on hand at all time so that you can always have a healthy snack to put in their lunches and when they get home from school.

Tip 5:
Get your kids in the habit of washing their hands often and using hand sanitizer so when they get to school they do it there as well. So they won’t catch germs so quickly.

Tip 6:
Make sure your kids take their daily vitamins and drink lots of orange juice in the morning so they don’t get sick.

Tip 7:
Make sure your kids wear their glasses in school regardless if they feel like it makes them look uncool. If they don’t wear their glasses their eye sight will only get worse.

Tip 8:
Start getting them ready to go to sleep earlier so they can get enough sleep and be ready for the early morning school hours. You don’t want them to start off being tardy for school.

Tip 9:
Make sure your kids are excited to start the new school year and talk to them about their feelings and goals for the years. You want to make sure you know what’s going on in your kids lives at all times so you can help take care of any issues they may be having at school.

Tip 10:
I always make sure to get yearly vision exams so the kids have no problems with their reading or seeing the blackboard at school. Your sight can change from year to year so you want to make sure if your child wears glasses that the prescription is still good.

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