My Week With The Fabulous Kia Optima SX Turbo!

I received this car for review for a week. All Opinions are my own.

Hey All!

While attending the Tech Munch conference I had the amazing opportunity to test drive the Kia Optima SX Turbo for a week and I have to say it was a flawless week of driving. We’ve always found that the Kia Optima was a fabulous car and the 2014 model year showcases this perfectly. This updated Optima is a sleek midsize 4 door sedan.


It has smart mirrors that rotate in and out. The mirrors also have a system called the blind-spot monitoring system in which a light illuminates an orange warning signal in the side-view mirrors when you’re changing lanes. It also has LED running lights and taillights.


There is a compass in the review view mirror which is extremely handy for traveling.


The tires provide great traction and the engine works amazingly. I noticed I didn’t have to put my foot down on the gas too hard as this midsize sedan flies when you do. It took some getting used too. I’m not used to a car with this much power.


It had a push button start which is always fun and handy when your keys are at the bottom of your purse.


It also has a sleek dash board with aux and USB ports for your electronic devices and…


Sirius satellite radio which always comes in handy when you’re on a road trip.


The steering wheel is not only to drive your vehicle, in this car it acts as your central command station allowing you to answer calls, change the radio, and control the volume. It’s quite a handy tool to keep your eyes and hands on the steering wheel when you’re driving. I know many people are guilty of not doing this!


The trunk space in this vehicle is spectacular as you can see you could probably fit 10 of my little suitcase in the trunk.


The Kia’s interior is also very spacious and well insulated. You can’t really hear any outside noise in the car.


It’s a great sedan for the price tag which starts at $21,500. I had a great time driving it and it truly was a smooth and great ride.

For more info on this awesome car visit the Kia Optima Website.



  • We recently got to take a Kia Soul! for a spin…we were really impressed. We had not considered purchasing a Kia prior to that but now it’s a contender for the next new vehicle we need to buy.