My Zombie Insurance! Unique Gift for the Holidays! #HolidayGiftGuide2011

Hey All!

Have you ever heard of My Zombie Insurance? Well it’s a fun gift idea for those geeky teens and family members who are obsessed with all things Zombies like my family is. My teen and Fiance started reading these parody Zombie Apocalypse books and it’s been non stop Zombies ever since. I heard about My Zombie Insurance and knew it would make a great gift idea! My Zombie Insurance is the #1 zombie insurance provider.

We you get Zombie insurance you get a kit that comes with an insurance card, proof of insurance certificate with a space to fill out a name…

And a “Protected By” window decal to ward off potential zombie attacks. It’s like that ADT sticker people have to ward off burglars. I think it’s hilarious.

It’s like home security from Zombies, because we all need that right! I think is a fun and unique gift idea that will surely bring a smile to who ever gets this coverage! And best of all shipping is free too!

Here is a little info from their site!

How do they protect you from costly, unexpected zombie-related bills? Here are a few ways:

They’re the Original. As with any brilliant idea, there are copycats, and My Zombie Insurance has no shortage of copycats lately. Do you want the best? Do you want the original? Look no further than MZI.

Coverage for Life. Once you’re insured, you’re covered for life. No renewal necessary, no renewal fees or yearly fees. You’re all set.

Coverage Beyond Your Regular Insurance. General insurance companies do not cover you in case of a zombie-related incident. Just as you would purchase flood insurance in addition to your homeowners insurance, zombie insurance is an important supplement to any general or umbrella insurance plan.

No Dollar or Time Limits Per Claim. Some policies only pay up to a certain amount to cover a zombie-related injury or property damage, which means that once that amount is reached, you are stuck paying for the remaining cost. Instead, My Zombie Insurance policies have annual limits that are fully reinstated each year, regardless of previous claims.

You Can Afford to Get Insured. For only $9.99 (our Special Sale Price, regular price is $12.95), you get zombie insurance for life.

Zombie attacks are on the way folks, well the CDC seems to think so, if you saw the spoof CDC notice that was sent out you know what I’m talking about, lol, so it is important to be prepared when the zombies come through your neighborhood.

Come on who wouldn’t want some insurance in case your house is destroyed during a Zombie attack. My fiance is going to love it as soon as he opens it for Christmas I’m sure. I know he’ll put on his “This is my Zombie Slaying Shirt” tee and rejoice for now being Zombie Insured.

This fun My Zombie Insurance kit is the PERFECT gift for the Geeky Zombie lover in your life for the holidays!

***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. I received a review kit and I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***