My National Ice Cream Day Outfit + Fab Finds From The Week!

Ice Cream Day Outfit

Hey All!

Happy Weekend! The biggest day of National Ice Cream Month and our #BBubblyIceCreamMonth is this Sunday because it’s National Ice Cream Day! I’ve got my outfit and ice cream ready to celebrate my favorite frozen tasty treat. Ice Cream truly deserves a day and a month. Be sure to check out your local ice cream shops to see who is giving away free cones Sunday. I’m sure you’ll find lots of free ice cream to enjoy. It’s also World Emoji day, so be sure to sport all your emoji love too! Ice Cream and Emoji celebrations on the same day. Can you ask for a better day? Best day ever! Have a great weekend and I’m sharing my Ice Cream Day outfit and fab finds and links from the web below as well!

My Ice Cream Day Outfit Consists Of The Following:

My Ice Cream Cone Blazer!

I “I Scream for Ice Cream” Tee!

These ice cream earrings!

These pink jeans!

My ice cream cone purse!

Ice Cream Day Outfit 2

My Sprinkle Covered Shoes!

My Ice Cream Cone Sun Hat!

And My Ice Cream Fan and Nail Files!

And my favorite finds from the week are:

I gotta have this Lisa Frank T-Shirt!

I want to get on a plane and head back home to NYC just to go to the Museum of Ice Cream!

Lovely Rainbow Table Runner I need to make!

The cutest DIY painted suitcases!

A Balloon Wall Photo Booth! Yes please!

Have an Emoji Party for World Emoji Day!

Did you make yourself Some DIY Splattered Ice Cream Pin Cushions or print out some fun 90’s themed ice cream cone wrappers?

And don’t forget to enter our Ice-Cream Prize Pack Giveaway and Pin Prize Pack Giveaway as well!!! The ice cream giveaway ends this Sunday for National Ice Cream Day!

Have a sweet weekend folks!