New At The Queen of Swag! T-Shirt Tuesdays! #TShirtTuesdays



Hey all!

I know it’s not Tuesday but I wanted to launch this yesterday but couldn’t since I was traveling. I’m always being asked where I got my fun Tees that I have, so I decided to make it a Tuesday event to showcase one of my million tees and share where I got it from, if I remember. I have hundreds of Tees honestly.

Here is the first tee of T-Shirt Tuesday!


Isn’t that adorable? I’m in love with it!

I just got this tee thanks to the fabulous folks at Disney and Disney Social Media moms. I believe it was only made for the event, so I’m not sure if you can purchase it anywhere. I love it as it’s a play on Snow White and Social Media. I think it’s adorable that it says she has 7 Followers.  She loves her followers just as much as I do!

I hope you discover some tees you would love to have and enjoy this segment as I will be doing it every Tuesday. Hope you all follow along!

Do you have any cool t-shirts? I’d love to hear about it!