New Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Paint and Play App! #disneygame

I was solely given a promo code to try this app. All opinions are my own.



Hey All!

From the fabulous folks at Disney Digital Books and Disney Interactive comes the new amazing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Paint and Play App!


It’s time to grab your paintbrush and meet Mickey Mouse in his Clubhouse for a magical painting session! The new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Paint and Play app allows kids to paint everything they see – even Mickey and Minnie! It’s adorable and it allows kids to truly customize the world of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse how ever their little minds imagine.


It’s super easy to use and the app is very vibrant and interactive as you can see on my Ipad below.


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Paint and Play is essentially a 3D coloring book that inspires creativity and interactive play through learning about color. Your kids simply select which room in the club house they want to be in with a simple tap on the screen. They then paint and design their Mickey how every they like…

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Then that Mickey that they designed and colored in magically comes to life and appears in the world the kids selected. The rooms can be customized as well. The app includes unlimited combinations of tools, colors, patterns, and stickers for kids to create their own stories. With numerous animated 3D scenes and characters, kids will learn about color mixing, texture, symmetry, and more.

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Yes it’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but of course Minnie is there too and you can have lots of Garden play and fun with Minnie as well.

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Some Additional features of the App include:

  • A magic wand to transform your paintings into fully-animated 3D characters
  • Texture creation using your in-app camera
  • Experiment with color as you make cupcakes for the bake sale
  • Play music OR create your own with the Mousekemusic Player
  • Learn about colors, 2D, 3D, line, form, and symmetry

It’s a great App that will keep your kids entertained for hours on end much like the show does. You’ve heard me say how much I love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse many times and this is the perfect addition to compliment the show we already love.

You can download the App for Ipads, Ipod Touch and Iphones Here for only $2.99. If you love fun apps to entertain your kids this is the App for your. And if you and your kids love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse like we do, this App is a must have.