The New Octonauts Above & Beyond Toys Are Amazing!

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Playing With Octonauts Toys

Hey All!

Are your kids obsessed with the show Octonauts Above & Beyond? It’s one of my son’s favorite shows to watch on Netflix! You can imagine how thrilled we were to learn about the new line of highly detailed figures, playsets and plush toys based around the new season streaming now. The toys are out now at Walmart and we could not wait to get our hands on them.

Playing With Octonauts Toys

We ran to Walmart to check them out in the toy aisle and we were beyond thrilled for the opportunity to check out a large variety of these amazing toys. It was like Christmas came early for my son.

Playing With Octonauts Toys


Playing With Octonauts Toys

We also got some Octonauts themed Sun Maid Raisins. My son loves raisins, so we’re definitely munching on these as we watch the show and take breaks from play time.
Since we got them, my son has not been able to keep his hands off these toys. He also takes them everywhere with him. He loves to play with the vehicles and figures in our car. They allow my son to create his own stories with his favorite characters from the show.

Playing With Octonauts Toys

The OCTORAY TRANSFORMING PLAYSET is really awesome. It easily transforms into the huge 13″ tall Octonauts Mobile Headquarters! It’s huge!

Playing With Octonauts Toys

The HQ lights up and when you press the button you hear over 25 sounds and Octonauts phrases!

Playing With Octonauts Toys

It includes a 3″ Captain Barnacles Figure, and 3 Creatures (Giant Panda, Chinese Sturgeon, Chinese Giant Salamander). It also has a detachable Mini-Ray & Mission Card! My son loves flying the Mini-Ray through the air. This playset is priced at $69.99 and it’s well worth it!

Playing With Octonauts Toys

Playing With Octonauts Toys

The OCTOPOD PLAYSET is probably my son’s favorite of all the toys. He is obsessed with the Net Launcher, Claw, and Spyglass! He can literally play with this toy all day long.
When he releases the net from the launcher he gets so excited. He jumps up with excitement every time.

Playing With Octonauts Toys

He thinks it’s so fun. This set includes a Deep-Sea Captain Barnacles Figure and 3 Sea Creatures (Vampire Squid, Starfish, Slime Eel) to rescue and a Mission Card! It retails for $34.99 and provided hours of fun.

Playing With Octonauts Toys

They have a variety of VEHICLE & FIGURE PACKS that include a detailed 3″ figure and a Mission Card, which reveals the Mission your Octonauts need to complete!

Playing With Octonauts Toys

They help add more fun to each play set and your kids will love the vehicles as well. My son loves cars or anything remotely like a car, so he loved the vehicles and figures he got. They retail for $16.99 and are perfect for any Octonauts fan. They are fun all on their own even if you don’t get a play set.

The ADVENTURE PACKS are also great! They are each based around a popular Octonauts episode and include a Deluxe Octonauts Figure, Mini Environment, Creature and Mission Card so you can build out your quest! They also allow you to bring in more characters and fun to the play set. I know my son always wants a toy for all the characters he loves on the shows he watches and these do just that.

Playing With Octonauts Toys

They are very reasonably priced at $8.99. You can snag a few for your kids and use them as stocking stuffers!

Playing With Octonauts Toys

And last but not least, the OCTONAUTS CREW PLUSH FIGURES are a must have. My son added his to his bed time/story time buddy crew of plush toys.

The Octonauts Crew Plush Figures are 8″ tall and are the perfect size to cuddle and take anywhere! My son loves to hug them and carry them around. He loves his squishy plush toys. They are made with deluxe fabrics and embroidered details and are super-soft!

Playing With Octonauts Toys

We got two of the plush toys, but you can collect all 4 plush friends – Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso, and Paani – and create your own adventures! They retail for $9.99.

I can go on and on about how much we love these toys. They are really a must have if your kids love Octonauts just as much as mine does. You’re definitely going to want to snag some of these amazing toys especially with the holidays coming up.

Again they are now available at Walmart! I highly recommend you get them now before they sell out. I’m sure they’ll be one of the hottest toys for the holidays!

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  • " target="_blank">Beth

    I adore these toys! They’re super cute, and they promote so much creativity.

  • " target="_blank">Cinny

    What an adorable collection of toys! I think this is a great preview for the holidays.

  • " target="_blank">Christine Weis

    My boys love the Octonauts. The toys are really fun to play with.

  • " target="_blank">Stephanie

    My boys recently grew out of the Octonauts stage, but they were so fun while we were in it. They would have loved all these toy sets!

  • " target="_blank">Subarna

    The toys are so cute and the smile on your child’s face says it all. Yes indeed his Christmas came early. And it seems he is having great fun with those toys.

  • " target="_blank">Fransic verso

    My little cousin love the show and always buy tops from the show every time they go shopping for toys or just go big market that has them haha.

  • " target="_blank">Neely Moldovan

    My son is obsessed with Octonauts! He would love these!