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Hey All!

Have you heard of Asurion? They are the global leader in product protection services. As kids head back to school, they usually count on costly gadgets to help them learn and connect, but kids are at greater risk than adults when it comes to device loss and damage, according to a new survey by Asurion.

Three quarters of students use phones and laptops at school with more than half turning to tablets. At the same time, a whopping 20 percent of parents have replaced three or more phones for their children in just the past 18 months – an estimated budget blow of $1,500 (since the average cost to replace a smartphone is $500). Moreover, one out of two laptops and tablets won’t make from freshman to junior year unscathed.

“Back to school is high risk for high tech, especially in households with kids. We see claims for tablets jump 19 percent in August, and our data indicates that someone drops a tablet every three seconds,” said Bettie Colombo, spokesperson for Asurion. “The first year of gadget ownership is particularly risky; with 80 percent of all cellphone incidents occurring in the first year of purchase.”

To help parents protect their family’s technology this back to school season, we’ve put together four ‘New Rules for School’.

Children’s mobile devices, tablets and laptops are more vulnerable than those owned by adults. Here are four tips to help parents stretch back-to-school budgets and gain peace of mind:

  1. Guard against loss and water damage. Kids are at least three times more likely than all owners to lose their phone or drop it in water. To increase your chances of finding a lost phone or tablet, turn on the “find my device” feature – or download one of the free apps from your wireless carrier. Purchase water resistant models, cases or sleeves to keep kids’ phones and tablets working even if they take a dip in the dog’s water bowl. And for laptops and tablets, set rules such as where the device may be used or not placing drinks near the laptop or tablet to reduce certain environmental risks.
  2. Have a backup plan. If something does happen, make sure the cost of replacing your child’s device doesn’t extend to losing photos, music and other files. An earlier Asurion survey found less than half of mobile phone owners believed they had a backup service, and nearly four out of 10 mistakenly thought it was automatically set up on their phone, leaving them empty handed. In addition to activating the photo and video backup options or selecting a backup app, regularly sync your device with your computer and turn on app backup features. For laptops, consider an external hard drive and for laptops or tablets sign up for a cloud service to back up key files.
  3. Teach kids how to protect personal information. For many kids, getting a new gadget is the first time they’ve needed to think about financial and other personal information. In fact, more than half of parents (53 percent) worry about their children’s identity being compromised if their cellphone was lost or stolen. This is an even greater concern for those who have replaced a mobile phone in the past 18 months due to loss, damage or theft (62 percent). Talk to kids about password protecting their device and not sharing personal information online.
  4. Pick the right product protection. For kids who are careful with every possession, a good case may keep tablets and smartphones safe. If you frequently toss broken toys or previously replaced an expensive device for your child, ask about protection plans from your wireless carrier or get a plan powered by Asurion at leading retailers. For damage-prone kids, pennies a day can be a small price to pay to avoid the high cost of mishaps.

Also check out this info graphic below of these helpful New Rules For School:

Asurion_B2School_Infograph8-7-14_V2.jpg Final from Asurion

I think these are very helpful tips for parents and kids heading back to school. You can find more back to school technology rules on Asurion’s blog!

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I hope these great New Rules For School from Asurion help keep your technology safe and in your kids hands this school year!

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  • " target="_blank">Michelle Thomas

    Not a new rule for our household, but one more need to follow up on is teaching their children how to safeguard their information online. So many of my daughter’s friends put everything about themselves out on the internet with no protection or bare minimum. It’s scary how much gets told.

  •" target="_blank">Jessibeth Vicenty

    Not a new rule, but the back up plan is really important for us, since it has happen before and finish losing everything we had on that computer. Also protecting the personal information is super important!

  • " target="_blank">Sharill Y.

    Be prepared with the right gadget. I think technology can be a great tool for learning, but of course if you buy a product that offers a lot of more things that learning apps, the kid will be distracted by those and lose the focus of the idea of the gadget. On the other hand I wish we were not that dependable on technology… I love the old school style and going to the library to do research 🙂

  •" target="_blank">Heather Hollands

    Protect your gadgets. I just dropped my phone in the toilet 🙁

  • " target="_blank">Samantha Hill

    I really like the “Don’t get caught paying full price” rule

  • " target="_blank">Natalie Perry

    We lost our external Hard disk once, so we now know how it is imp to back up data. After the incident im always backing up at multiple places. Lost so many precious photos and important docs.

  • " target="_blank">Tyneisha Fondren

    Be prepared with the right technology!

  • My favorite new rule is mine, Homework must be done as soon as you get home from school. No putting it off

  • " target="_blank">Margaret Smith

    I like the rule of don’t get caught paying full price. Back to school time seems expensive enough and my family and I really need to keep to our budget, so every bit helps.

  • " target="_blank">caitlyn o

    All homework and projects must be done before watching any type of television or playing outside

  • " target="_blank">Danielle Porter

    #3 DOn’t get caught paying full price!!! Always good to save money where you can!

  • " target="_blank">Terra Heck

    My favorite is rule #3. Don’t get caught paying full price. Thanks.

  • " target="_blank">Chris Martinez

    I like the rule about not paying the crazy high prices.

  • " target="_blank">Colleen Boudreau

    Rule #3 Don’t get caught paying full price!

  • " target="_blank">Natalie

    My favorite rule is the third rule : Don’t get caught paying full price.

  •" target="_blank">Kathy Fleming

    My favorite New Rule For School is: Teach kids how to protect personal information.
    This is a good one for my family.

  • " target="_blank">Lilith Katz

    Never pay full price is a great rule

  • " target="_blank">Danielle

    “Don’t get caught paying full price” rule

  •" target="_blank">ken ohl

    don’t go anywhere without letting us know

  • " target="_blank">Kitty Iecvan

    I like the Teach kids how to protect personal information rule.

  • have a backup plan. I also think this counts for backing up data

  • " target="_blank">LunaRaven

    “Don’t Get Caught Paying the Full Price”–> when I was in college I almost never paid full price for anything, be it textbooks or school memorabilia. It saved me a lot of money!

  • " target="_blank">abedabun dawn

    Be prepared with the right technology. This would be great but our school does not allow smart phones nor laptops at school.

  • " target="_blank">Aqdas Ahmed

    Favorite rule: protect your gadgets!

  • " target="_blank">Joni Owada

    Don’t get caught paying full price!

  •" target="_blank">Ginny G

    Have a backup plan. That is one that I need to work on.

  • " target="_blank">Penni

    Don’t get caught paying full price!

  • " target="_blank">Michelle

    Have a backup plan.

  • " target="_blank">baldo


  • " target="_blank">Jorge Granda

    I like the have a backup plan rule.

  • " target="_blank">wendi watson

    having a back up plan is for sure a good one i never do ugghhh great thought to work on

  • " target="_blank">Jeanna Wise

    “Don’t get caught paying full price”

  • " target="_blank">THRansom

    Be Prepared with the Right Technology

  • " target="_blank">Lisa Williams

    I like Rule #2 Protect Your Gadgets! My daughter is constantly dropping her phone and ipod, I also like Rule #3 Don’t get caught paying full price,I usually never pay anything full price,I wait for the deals and for prices to go down.

  • " target="_blank">heather e.g. kaufman

    Don’t get caught paying full price!!!

  • " target="_blank">Kerri Poling

    Have a back up plan.

  • " target="_blank">Brian Kautz

    That you should “Have a backup plan”

  • " target="_blank">Julie Murphy

    Don’t pay full price

  • " target="_blank">Cheryl Rahkonen

    My favorite new rule is ‘Guard against loss and water damage’.

  • " target="_blank">nickie

    Favorite rule: protect your gadgets!

  • " target="_blank">Kajal

    Don’t get caught paying full price!

  • " target="_blank">Kajal

    Don’t get caught paying full price

  • " target="_blank">Jennifer R

    I totally agree with the new rule for school to “be prepared with the right technology”. Kids need their own devices to get the most done in the shortest period of time. This will prepare them for the future.

  • " target="_blank">Thomas Murphy

    I like rule #2- Protect your gadgets

  • " target="_blank">Amanda Sakovitz

    Dont get caught paying full price!

  • " target="_blank">Natalie

    Definitely product protection! I didn’t get a cell phone or laptop until I went away to college, but when I got that laptop, my parents intended on not buying me a new one before I graduated (or after, for that matter!!). We got a four year all inclusive protection plan, and we USED IT!! I am quite accident prone, no matter how hard I try not to be. And I have been known to fall asleep at my computer on long school nights. My laptop was replaced at least four times during my four and a half year stay at college, and my parents never had to pay for it because it was all included in our insurance plan!! THANK GOD!!

  • " target="_blank">Gloria Walshver

    I Always told my children homework first before anything else

  • " target="_blank">Michelle Weaver

    My favorite rule is to be prepared with the right technology.

  • " target="_blank">ashley w.

    I like having the right gadget. I found this out with my son and he is only in 4th grade but they are using technology at a younger age now.

  • " target="_blank">Monique Rizzo

    I like Rule # 3. Don’t get caught paying full price.

  • " target="_blank">sandra

    i like the rule regarding not getting caught paying full price

  • " target="_blank">Christy H

    Protect your devices! We don’t have a child in school yet, but a toddler that plays with an iPad, and he’s dropped it plenty! We have a great case for it.

  • " target="_blank">Anita

    So nice to see others believe in a backup plan.

  • " target="_blank">Pat Nolan

    Not paying crazy prices

  • TheQueenofSwagrule" target="_blank">Alice F.

    I like the “Don’t pay full price” rule!

  • " target="_blank">Tram Le

    My favorite is #2, protect your gadgets.

  • " target="_blank">Vicky Watkins

    Teaching them how to protect the personal information is the rule that I like the bet

  •" target="_blank">Katie Contests

    I have to adjust to rule 1: be prepared with the right technology

  • " target="_blank">Cheryl Rogers

    Protect your Gadgets!

  • “Don’t get caught paying full price”
    I’m always on the lookout for a great bargain! =)

  • " target="_blank">Megan C

    Definitely protect your gadgets! It can cost a TON to keep replacing them over time when it isn’t necessarily time for a new gadget!

  •" target="_blank">Kayla @ TheEclecticElement

    I think the best rule is protecting your gadgets! For someone who has dunked her phone in the toilet and dropped and cracked her new phone’s screen, protection is a top priority!

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  • " target="_blank">Rebecca HM.

    They are all great rules, but I am going to go with 1. We had our old laptop’s internal video card broke overnight, we lost all the pictures of my pregnancy, my daughters birth, and my son’s first day of Kindergarten. I cried so much when I told there was no hope of retrieving anything. It still makes me sad. Now having three kids and them loving gadgets its even more important to backup in case of drops or leaving it behind.

  • " target="_blank">Tara Liebing

    I like Rule # 3 Never get caught paying full price. I will be doing a lot of research to find the best deal on my families next phone/gadget purchase.

  • " target="_blank">Darlene Carbajal

    I like the Protect Your Gadgets Rule.

  • " target="_blank">Denise Elliott

    Be prepared with the right technology

  • " target="_blank">Jessica Snow

    They’re not really new rules, but reinforce online safety and make sure to back things that are important up.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  • " target="_blank">nikolas alexander

    Protect your gadgets. Replacement is emotionally unsettling!

  • " target="_blank">Lisa V.

    My favorite is protect your gadgets.

  • " target="_blank">lisa

    Never pay full price. I try to save whenever I can.

  • " target="_blank">Paula

    Definitely protect your gadgets and never pay full price!

  • " target="_blank">Karen Drake

    My favorite rule is Never Pay Full Price, I always watch for sales and often buy gently used electronics, I bought my laptop used and it has been reliable.

  • " target="_blank">Erica B.

    Protect your gadgets!

  • " target="_blank">Sarah Vegetabile

    Teach kids how to protect personal information. In this day and age it is so important to know the ins and outs at any age of how to protect your personal info. It is also a great opportunity to talk with kids about the benefits of safety and the risk of not being to careful.

  • " target="_blank">Paula M

    Have a backup plan! Its so important when you have lots of important documents.

  • " target="_blank">Jill Myrick

    My favorite is Rule #2 Protect Your Gadgets.
    We always add extra warranties and insurance to the electronic items that we purchase just in case.


  • " target="_blank">Scott S

    Homework 1st!!!!!!

  • " target="_blank">Angela Cash

    My favorite New Rule for School from this post is Teach kids how to protect personal information. I think most children don’t realize how much damage can be done if that info falls into the wrong hands.

  • " target="_blank">kyl neusch

    the “Don’t get caught paying full price” rule

  • " target="_blank">Kaylin

    I have wanted the Livescribe Smartpen for years! Now that I am a senior in HS, I feel like it would really be put into GOOD use! GL everyone!

  • " target="_blank">Daniel M

    Don’t get caught paying full price

  • " target="_blank">Cheryl B.

    My favorite is to Protect your gadgets. I hate to see kids dropping their tablets leaving them unprotected. They are so costly.

  • " target="_blank">liz l

    Don’t get caught paying full price

  • " target="_blank">Melinda

    Have a back up plan!

  • " target="_blank">joe gersch

    i like Don’t get caught paying full price

  • " target="_blank">feathermaye

    “Don’t get caught paying full price!” I’m all about some bargains, and only paying for those features that I truly want/need.

  • " target="_blank">Elizabeth

    I think this is important: Teach kids how to protect personal information

  • " target="_blank">RICHARD HICKS

    My favorite rule is Protect your gadgets

  • " target="_blank">Angela P.

    My favorite rule is Teach kids how to protect personal information.. not only is identity theft an issue.. but personal safety too.

  • " target="_blank">Jennifer Speed

    My favorite new rule is Teach kids how to protect personal information because with social media people expose too much information.

  • " target="_blank">Heather Dawn

    My favorite is, Protect your gadgets.