No Bake Rainbow Sprinkled Cake Bites Recipe! #CookingWithTheQueen




Hey All!

I was looking for a quick easy treat for my family and craft party guests that I could make with out turning on the oven on these hot summer days. I searched in my fridge for ingredients that I already had and came up with these cute and easy NO Bake Rainbow Sprinkled Cake Bites.


They are super easy to make and taste amazing! Who knew strawberries, pound cake, chocolate, hazelnut, and Sprinkles would make something that tastes so good!

Here are the simple Recipe to make these tasty treats:


Here is a step by step VISUAL GUIDE of all the steps mentioned in the above Recipe.


I made these and they didn’t even last a day in my home.


Once you have one you just can’t stop!


They are super easy to make, are adorable, and taste great!

They are a perfect summer treat to make for your family and guests.

I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!