No Child Should Be Hungry!


Hey All!

Today, I’m going to take the opportunity to get a little personal in order to shed some light on an important issue that I feel very deeply about. I grew up in the in the projects on New York City. The projects is housing for low income families aka we didn’t have a lot of money growing up. There were days when my mom was so broke,  she couldn’t afford to buy us food. We had to go stand in the hallway of our building and essentially beg for food. This is a true story folks. I’ve known tough times in my life! Having a childhood like this gave me the drive to want to do bigger and better things with my life, so that my own family would never know what it was like to be hungry. It also made me want to do something to make sure no kids go hungry. In this day in age, you would think there would be no such thing as childhood hunger in America. Sadly, the reality is 1 in 5 children in America live in households without consistent access to adequate food. It’s shocking I know. What’s even more shocking is 10 million children; nearly half of eligible children do not receive free or reduced price school breakfast. I sit and wonder how this can be all the time. Teachers take notice as well, because 3 out of 5 K-8 public school teachers report regularly seeing students coming to school hungry.

Something needs to be done! That’s why I was thrilled to partner with the Pavilions Foundation/Albertsons Companies to share may story and to also share how they are joining the fight against child hunger with their national “Hunger Is” campaign. It’s taking place from September 1st through September 30th, 2016 to aid childhood hunger efforts in America. This program is designed to raise awareness and funds to improve healthy outcomes for hungry children and their families; specifically focusing on expanding breakfast programs, providing children with healthy start to their day.


What’s great is you can help by simply shopping and purchasing participating brands/products from your local Pavilions Store! That means items already in your basket can help raise funds towards this cause! That’s amazing right?! For every participating product sold in September 2016, $0.10 goes back to their local market, up to $1M nationally! Every donation will be donated back to the local market through their Pavilions 501(c )3 Foundation.


You can see the products clearly marked around the store as you shop.


For example, you can purchase some colorful Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers and participate.


You can know that with every colorful bite you take of these tasty crackers, you’re helping a child in need also get the chance to enjoy a tasty meal.


There are actually 2 ways shoppers can participate. First, is the first way I mentioned before by purchasing participating items in September 2016, which will trigger at least $0.10 donation (up to $1 million). Look for tags on participating items right on the shelves in store. Like you saw above on the Pepperidge Farm Crackers and also how you see below. You can also find participating products by visiting The site lists all the participating products for the weeks circular.


If you’re not into any of the participating products, you can still help by donating at right the register when you’re checking out. Shoppers can add a $1, $3, or $5, or any $ amount to their purchase.


I’m participating like nobodies business as some of my favorite brands like Marie Callender’s is a participating brand.


I can buy and snack on some amazing tasty treats and know I’m helping to end child hunger in the process. It’s a win win in my opinion.


It’s pretty much the simplest way to do something good to help some kids in need. You can’t go wrong knowing that buying the products you love are making a difference in the lives of needy children.


I hope you’ll join me and get to shopping at your local Pavilions to help benefit the “Hunger Is” campaign. It will make every bite of those tasty treats you buy taste all the more better.

For more info on this amazing campaign visit the “Hunger Is” website.

Again to find participating products at your local Pavilions store before you visit check out You can even add the products you want to buy to a list and print it out! Like I said before, they really make it easy for you to shop for good!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Albertsons Companies & Hunger Is. The opinions and text are all mine.