Not Being Afraid To Speak Up!

I’m sharing #LISTERINE in my life as part of a LISTERINE ® sponsored series for Socialstars™.

Cooler in Cotton 1

Hey All!

Being a blogger, I find you can’t be afraid to be bold. You have to be able to speak up, speak your mind, stand up for yourself, represent your brand at all times and be fearless.  It’s a lot to encompass, but it’s a challenge I’ve always been up for. You can’t be afraid to show people who you are at all times and what you love to do. It’s a confidence and bold voice you have to force yourself to have and embrace. It can be tough for me sometimes to be bold and put it all out there, especially when I’m asked to speak at a conference, but It’s something I always overcome and strive to do in all that I do.  With all that I do for the blog, I always have to make sure I’m camera and meeting ready. I am constantly meeting new people and making new friends when at events. I always like to make sure I’ve taken care of my smile by brushing my teeth and then using Listerine Total Care®.  Making sure my smile is looking good keeps me confident when I meet new people. No one wants to meat someone they’ve been looking forward to meeting and that person has some yucky breath!

That would never be me! My smile and everything I wear and do is a reflection of me. Whether I’m wearing a fruity skirt and rainbow purse…

Date Night Look

Or a sun hat that looks like splattered ice cream, I always make sure I feel confident, bold, and comfortable in my own skin.

DIY-Ice Cream Beach Hat

I’m not afraid to ask questions of celebrities, my fellow bloggers, or to any brands or studios I work with.

Me and Justin Timberlake

I make sure I’m bold and inspirational in all that I do, as that is my job. My job is to inspire those who follow me on social media and here on the blog to live a more colorful, fun and creative lifestyle. You have to be bold to live life the way you want to live it and that for me begins with being confident in myself. Thanks to my Listerine Total Care®, I’m always confident that my smile and breath will always be fresh with any situation I’m in.

Listerine pic

Thanks to LISTERINE® for partnering with me to share my bold lifestyle!

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What do you do to make yourself feel bold?