OMG We Love The New Band-Aid Magic Vision Muppets App! #Muppets #Disney #App #Iphone

Hey All,

So as you know me and my family are Muppet-a-Holics! I know you all remember when I did Muppets Mondays until the new movie came out as well as when I interviewed the Muppets right?

Well you can imagine how thrilled me and my family were when we first saw the Muppets Band-Aids at our local pharmacy! You know we stocked up! We even have one saved in a box we love them so much!

And now to go along with the amazing The Muppets Band-Aid’s you can now download the free app in the Apple App Store called the Band-Aid Magic Vision App featuring The Muppets! I can’t tell you how much we love this App! You must all get this app immediately especially if your a Muppets Fan!

I downloaded it to my Iphone 4S, but you can also this app on the  iPhone 4, iPad 2 or new iPad. The Band-Aid Magic Vision application, uses Augmented Reality technology to merge your child’s real-life surroundings with graphics displayed on the digital screen to unlock a special world where Disney’s The Muppets characters come to life to distract your child from their boo boo. It’s a ridiculous amount of fun for your kids.

The app has a lot of amazing graphics and will take a minute to load since it has a lot to load. So don’t be alarmed. It will look like the above picture when it’s loading. When it loads it will give you a home screen that tells you to “start the show”. You know light the lights…I digress…

You will then see the camera activate and a virtual band-aid shape telling you to scan a Muppets Box or band-aid.

We tried it on both the band-aid and on one of open boxes of the band-aids we have. On a Miss Piggy Band-aid to be exact. And as soon as the app reads the box or band-aid a character pops up on the screen and it will be either Miss Piggy, Kermit, or Gonzo that will pop up.

If Miss Piggy pops up she will work the runway like only she knows how! My niece loved when she poses since she can take a million pics of Miss Piggy posing for her. She also loves how Miss Piggy Talks to her! You can see some of the poses Miss Piggy does as she working the runway below.

My nephew by far loved when Gonzo popped up on the screen! Gonzo leaps from a platform and suction cups himself onto your devices screen, like you see in the pics below.

Gonzo is essentially stuck to your iphone or ipad and your child will have to shake the device to get him “unstuck.” It will literally tell you to shake and to keep shaking until he breaks off and mock breaks your screen in the process when he comes off.

Your screen looks as if Gonzo has destroyed it in one of his stunts gone wrong in typical Gonzo fashion. I highly recommend you put a good case on your iphone or ipad for when your kids start shaking it because they may shake so hard your phone may go flying as mind did! Luckily it was fine and landed on a rug, but your kids will love shaking Gonzo loose! It was by far the biggest hit in the house. My teen, the big manly teenager, even got in on the action of shaking Gonzo loose.

When Kermit Appears, he is of course playing his banjo and when you move your Ipad of Iphone back and forth Kermit swings on his swing and sings the Rainbow Connection. It’s so adorable! And the kids can sing along like mine did!

The App saves all your pics into an album that you can email, print, and share them how ever you’d like.

Here is some video of the App below (straight from Band-Aid) so you can see the App in Action! I wish my phone could record video when an app is playing so I could have shown you myself!

Regardless, I highly recommend you download this amazing FREE App! It will keep your kids entertained for hours and it’s truly an amazing app that every Muppets fan young or old will love!

For more info visit the Band-Aid website at:

Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages and received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.