Once Upon a Time on ABC! Amazing Show! #TV #SHOWS #ABC #DISNEY

Hey All!

Did you by chance catch Once Upon a Time this past weekend? I have to say to say two things I LOVED THIS SHOW! I think it was amazing to see all your favorite fairytale characters having real life problems and emotions. Secondly, the only thing I would say is does Emma look 28 to you? That is the only issue I had was I don’t believe the main actress is 28. When your Mom Snow White looks younger than you I think it’s a problem. I don’t think it’s a huge thing just wanted to mention it to see if I’m just crazy for thinking this. It didn’t affect how I feel about the show since I LOVED THE SHOW!

If you didn’t catch it, don’t read on as there will be some spoilers. I all begins with Snow White an Prince Charming getting Married and the evil Queen witch warning them of the even spell she will be casting to destroy Happy Endings forever! The Evil Queen is super Evil in this show.

We then meet a bail bonds woman named Emma Swan who is celebrating her birthday alone in her apartment, when a boy knocking on her door introduces himself as her son, Henry. She apparently gave up for adoption ten years ago. He tells her that she is part of a magical world that we know as fairytales and she has to save everyone in the town of Storybrook. We cut back and forth between what happened in Fairytale land and what’s happening with Emma. We see Snow White give birth to her. We see the evil witch casting the spell and invading their castle.

We even see Prince Charming  fighting to save the baby Emma while holding her in one arm. He is almost killed by the Witches goons during the fight. But he manages to get Emma out before the witch can get to her. The witch wants Emma because Emma is apparently the only one who can defeat her. There is a prophacy that Emma will return on her 28th Birthday and Defeat the Evil Witch. Her son Henry has come to bring her to StoryBrook so that she may finally save them from the witches spell. At first she doesn’t believe the boy until she asks the Witch a simple question, the witch by the way adopted Henry is pretending to be the mayor and a normal woman in this real world or StoryBrooke. Emma asks her if she loves Henry and she says yes but Emma can tell that she’s lying. So Emma checks into the local Inn after the Witch threatens to destroy her if she calls the police on her if she comes near Henry again.
It ends with Henry knowing his mom Emma has staying in the town to see what is wrong. And the tale will continue next week!

I can’t wait to see next week it was amazing!