One Tree Hill Season Nine on DVD/UltraViolet! #OneTreeHill #TV #SP

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As The Final episode of the OTH series called ‘One Tree Hill’ is upon us the Dvd/Ultraviolet of the season is also coming. This episode is named after a  song by U2 and the series title itself.  Throughout the series, we have seen Brooke grow from a wild and generally carefree girl to a mature and grounded young woman. In Season 9, Brooke is now a mother to twin boys and is excited for her future with her husband Julian. She begins to start adjusting to this new life with their children. Describe in detail your experiences of growing from a carefree adolescent to what you have become today.

I can relate being that I grew up in a big city and had a lot of responsibility on my plate at a young age since I made a poor choice when I was younger. I think we’ve all had those Brooke like moments when we are younger. Moments that you learn from and grow from. They are moments that make you a better person and I feel like Brooke has gone through some of the same moments I have and I can relate to her character some what. Not completely as come on this is Brooke we’re talking about and it’s a show and not really life. I have had more common sense than Brooke I would say.

Was there a certain time or event like having a child that grounded you?

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Disclosure: I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote One Tree Hill Season Nine on DVD.