Only The Best For My Baby!

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This post is sponsored by Sam’s Club. All opinions are my own.

Hey All!

When it comes to the products I use on my baby, I try to use only the very best. One product that I always seek the best of is diapers. That’s why we use Member’s Mark Premium Baby Diapers from Sam’s Club. They are an incredible value for a premium product.

They are exclusively sold at Sam’s Club and they come in an amount that allows us to save money and have to take less trips to the store. I’m all about saving time and money, especially when it comes to diapers.

Check out this savings chart to see how much you can save with these diapers for your own baby! We’re a size 4, so we save $225 for buying this brand!

We also love to use the Sam’s Club app and Scan & Go when we shop for these at Sam’s Club!

With Scan & Go you can scan as you shop, pay from your phone and skip the checkout line in club. I love that, because it saves me so much time when I shop and I never have to wait in line for anything!

You can also easily reorder your essentials because your frequently ordered items are displayed on the homepage of your app or when you log in online.

With the app you can also check in for Club Pickup orders when you’re on your way to the club and Sam’s Club will have it ready when you arrive. With Club Pickup, Sam’s Club members can order items carried in the club and let the club do the shopping for them.

You can choose any open time slots to have orders placed for pickup, and Sam’s Club will have your cart ready and loaded when you arrive so you can have time back in your day. How awesome is that folks! You can have someone do your shopping for you just for being a Sam’s Club member! I love it and take full advantage of it often. This mama has a baby to take care of and I don’t want to waste a minute I could be spending with him on shopping.

The baby loves his Member’s Mark Comfort Care Baby Diapers just as much as I do! He feels so comfortable in them.

They have some fun designs on them and they have all the helpful qualities that make them a great diaper. For example…

They have a new and improved 3-D top sheet – the ULTRASOFT® MAX LINER that helps keep my baby’s skin dry day and night. This helps promote healthy skin, which I love.

He has sensitive skin so I’m always monitoring what he wears for this reason. It’s also their SOFTEST DIAPER EVER!

One other feature of the diaper I love is that you can see the word back on the back of the diaper, so you know which side is the front and back easily. For folks like my dad who is coming to visit our baby in a few weeks and hasn’t changed a diaper in decades, this is going to be so helpful while we’re teaching him to change the baby.

When you’ve got a new baby you tend to use the brands that people tell you to use and I’m so glad I went out on my own and found a brand like Member’s Mark Premium Baby Diapers that work perfectly for my baby and me.

I’m all about stocking up on the products we love and use daily and this allows me to do just that with his diapers!

There is nothing worse in the world than running out of diapers when you have a baby, so getting boxes of diapers like this ensures we are always fully stocked.

I always want a happy baby and Member’s Mark Comfort Care Baby Diapers make both him and I happy!

You know what else makes me happy? A sweet deal! Right now you can get Member’s Mark Diapers and Wipes for $3 off when you shop at Sam’s Club! There is a Limit of 3 that you can by and the promotion is running from 8/21-9/15.

So get over to your local Sam’s Club or head to the Sam’s Club website to get this incredible deal on these awesome diapers. They have free shipping for all sizes if you order online and again they are also available for Club Pickup.

Member’s Mark Premium Baby Diapers are my must-have baby essential. If you have a baby and looking for a premium quality diaper that is cost efficient, I hope you’ll give these a try!

This part is sponsored as Sam’s Club. All opinions are my own.

Thanks for supporting the amazing brands like this one that keep this Brite & Bubbly Party going.


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