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Hey All!

After the crazy few years, I’ve had and essentially losing myself and all my free time to a toddler, I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery and re-identifying goals I want for my career and this blog. I’ve felt like I lost track of what makes me happy. I’ve also felt like I needed to find my inner power, inspiration, and drive again. Thankfully I’ve been consulting a psychic advisor at California Psychics to help guide me in opening my mind to new experiences and rebooting inspiration and drive.

california psychics phone reading

I recently chatted with Psychic Josslyn, who gave me a Destiny & Life Path reading. She also channeled some of my deceased loved ones to help guide me in opening my mind. By hearing my voice and learning my hair and eye color, she was able to tune into my energy and get a feel for how to give me the guidance I needed.

She said to achieve my goals and overcome the roadblocks I’ve been putting on myself, I needed to practice morning meditation, law of attraction, and manifestation. I used to actually focus on manifesting what I wanted, and I used to have great results with it.

I firmly believe if you put something out into the universe and focus on manifesting it, you will get it. She affirmed that I needed to get back to doing that and that I have to be open to new experiences and be motivated about what can I do for myself.

california psychics phone reading

She also stated that I’d be taking some classes and learning some new skills in the near future. I’d be starting a new job and new business venture and career path, which would be a whole new experience for me. I’ve wanted to manufacture some cute universal fanny pack extenders for us plus sized gals. I’ve been working on some prototypes and working on how to fund the manufacturing of it.

california psychics phone reading

It’s been taking longer than I’d like and I was getting frustrated with the whole situation. I was also getting frustrated with myself. She immediately picked up on this and shared that I need to go easy on myself and acknowledge how far I’ve come.

california psychics phone reading

I’ve also wanted to learn coding and take possibly segue that into a job in developing and coding websites. Another new scary but exciting prospect and experience! It’s another thing she picked up on and stated I would definitely be embarking on in the near future.

I’ve accomplished a lot to be proud of and I will get whatever I want done when it needs to be done. She also shared that my grandma is guiding and nudging me along. It was just the advice and guidance I needed to hear to get me back on track.

california psychics phone reading

If you have never heard of California Psychics before, they exist to help people unleash their full potential and live an inspired, plentiful life. It is a company that is flexible, adaptable, and always OPEN 24/7 at a cost that works for you!

It’s perfect for my budget and busy lifestyle. It is great to be able to schedule the psychic readings that work best for my schedule. Another reason I love California Psychics is that they are discrete, confidential, and guaranteed by a promise you can trust.

Privacy and discreetness are very important for me and it’s good to know that everything I discuss stays between my psychic advisor and me. California Psychics operates on your terms! Every advisor is light, refreshing, anchored in goodness, and committed to inspiring others to feel connected, optimistic, and fulfilled.

california psychics phone reading

I’ve had nothing but great experiences with my psychic readings from California Psychics. I think that’s because they stand by high quality standards, accepting only 2 in 100 psychic applicants through our rigorous testing and training.

I’m thrilled to be able to share my California Psychics experience with you and I can’t wait for my next reading! I find it helpful and if you try it, I’m sure you will too!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of California Psychics.



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