Orgullosa Inspires At Hispanicize! #NuevaLatina


Hey All!

I was recently given the amazing opportunity to attend Hispanicize thanks to being a part of the Orgullosa Blogger Board. Hispanicize is one of the largest Hispanic media conferences in the world. I had a fantastic time as P&G and Orgullosa brought the #NuevaLatina Monologues to Hispanicize and I couldn’t wait to be inspired by them again. P&G created the Orgullosa platform in 2011 as an initiative that celebrates Latinas who don’t settle for walking the same path, but instead make a new one every day.  The initiative, which carries the name of the Spanish word for “proud”, has as its centerpiece and , as a virtual community where Latinas can engage in a dialogue with one another and build a community of resources that supports them on their path to success.

Linda Nieves Powell & the Cast did an amazing job presenting the monologues for the attendees of Hispanicize.


They brought the messages of tolerance and educating people on who Latinos are…


The message of being an independent modern Latina…


And the message of accepting who you are as a modern American Latina. It can often be a battle inside for Latina’s who are struggling to keep their heritage relevant in their lives while perusing the goals of a modern American woman.


Orgullosa is for women who are PROUD:  proud of her culture/traditions, of being Latina, proud of her beauty, family, and home. She juggles multiple roles and has a sense of self-actualization and enjoyment. She is not about breaking with the past or abandoning traditions, and recognizes the choices and opportunities that living in the US presents her.   She believes that she can exceed the expectations of her mother’s generation.  Her sense of self actualization and empowerment has inspired the message for the initiative, “Mujeres con la Falda Bien Puesta™”.


Seeing these women present this production in front of a room filled with Latinos was inspiring. The room lit up with pride and excitement for this amazing cast and message!


It was an honor to be representing Orgullosa as a part of this spectacular event! To see more of the Nueva Latina Monologues visit the Orgullosa Facebook Page!



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