Otterbox Defender Series – Iphone 5 Case #Review #OtterKids



Hey All!

I have been searching for the best case to keep my new Iphone 5 safe and I was happy to have discovered Otterbox cases thanks to some of my fellow blogger friends. It really is the mega case to keep your Iphone 5 safe from damage.


I was thankful to be given the opportunity to review the Otterbox Defender Series Realtree Camo iPhone 5 case in Pink Camo and I have to say it is a great case. Here it is on my phone below.


The Defender Series Realtree Camo iPhone 5 case provides great protection from those everyday accidents that can happen like dropping your phone or your kids getting a hold of your phone. The case features the Otterbox multi-layered design! It’s a two-piece plastic inner shell that snaps together to form a cushion around the iPhone 5, A screen protector is built into the inner shell to prevent scratches and smudges to the glass display, and an outer rubber layer that wraps around the inner-shell to make it a virtually indestructible iPhone 5 case!

Yes this does make you’re phone thick as you can see below, but I’d rather it be thick then destroyed, don’t you agree?


The Otterbox Defender Series iPhone cases will protect your phone from the main cause of all destroyed Iphones, your kids! Sad to say, but I know that’s the main reason why moms especially get this case. With dogs, a teenager, and a toddler in our house you never know what could happen and I’m glad to know that the Otterbox is protecting my phone. My nephew (the toddler) can throw my phone on the floor and that rubber layer really does take the impact. This has been tested in my house already multiple times sad to say. When I took the case off the phone to check the phone after it was thrown, I’m glad to say it was in perfect condition after the impact.

The only issue I had with the case is my phone is now a little bit too thick to fit in my back jean pocket. But honestly if that is the only problem with the case, I think it’s just doing it’s job in protecting my phone.

I highly recommend the Otterbox Defender Series Realtree Camo iPhone 5 Case. It’s not only a great case to protect your phone from #OtterKids, it’s actually really pretty case! I love the pink!

Do you own and Otterbox case? I’d love to hear you’re thoughts!



***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. I was given this case to review as part of Mom Bloggers Club and I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***