Our Baby Room Makeover & Birthday Party Prep!

Thank you Fathead for sponsoring this post. Fathead is the source for officially licensed, life-size vinyl wall graphics and more. Choose team or entertainment favorites, or create your very own Custom Creation.

Hey All!

Can you believe my Bubbly Baby is almost one years old? Time is flying by and as he gets older we’re finding out everything he loves. He’s got a number of favorite toys and characters he loves. I’m planning his first birthday party with a theme of this favorite characters and I also wanted to give his bedroom a little makeover with his favorite characters.  Thankfully, I got a little help from Fathead to do both!

I am so happy to discover Fathead as they are the only source for officially licensed life-size wall graphics and more. They also make custom big head foam core cutouts! We had one of the big heads made from a picture of our baby. We’re going to use it as a fun photo prop for his first birthday party. I’ll speak about that a little later, but first we need to talk about how amazing these Bubble Guppies wall graphic decals look!

I am just as obsessed with them as our baby! It’s literally like his favorite cartoon has come to life on his wall! The colors are that vivid and bright!

The decals are very large and basically take up any open space we had left on his walls. The decals changed the look of my space so easily and quickly.

They’re also VERY easy to put up and easy to move. They don’t damage the walls when you take them down. We moved them many times to find the perfect spot for each of his favorite characters.

As you can see from the photos the decals are very quality, both the vinyl and the image. We placed them around his crib and around his changing table/dresser! They make the room even more colorful as you can see!

He literally smiles every time he sees the images of his favorite characters around the room. They are everywhere he can easily view them.

My heart sinks every time he smiles and points at the characters and walls. I literally find him sitting up and trying to reach them from his crib. He’s obsessed with these decals.

My personal favorite is the Mr. Grouper decal located over his tree bookcase. He’s in the perfect spot to inspire learning, just like he does for the Bubble Guppies the show!

He was the largest of the decals and we needed a big space on the wall to put him. That’s why he’s not with the other Bubble Guppy characters on the same wall. I love him exactly where he is in the room. It gives the room a panoramic feel to have the decals going around the room. He can play with his bubble Guppies toys and also have them to enjoy on his walls.

These decals are truly the perfect easy way to redecorate his rainbow themed room into a Bubble Guppies themed room. Now his room reflects something he loves and I love how happy it makes him! He’s getting older and his room should reflect his tastes too!

While we’re on the subject of him getting older, I’m in full 1st birthday planning mode! I can’t wait to use this beyond adorable Big Head Foam Core Cut Out of him at his birthday party.

I’m not big on tons of people touching my baby, so I figured this would be a fun alternative to people who want to take a picture with him on his birthday.

How funny is this picture! I can’t wait to see how people pose with this adorable big head of our baby at the party! It’s the perfect party photo prop, especially for a kid’s birthday party. You can have these made with their favorite characters as well.

He can’t stop looking at it! He’s like why does that big thing look like me? He also thinks it’s hilarious and is constantly laughing at it and trying to grab it.

I can’t let him have it though, since I don’t want it destroyed before his first birthday! How cute do they look together! It’s beyond funny to see a giant version of his head that’s bigger than him!

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to redo your kids room or some fun photo props for your parties or events, I highly recommend you check out Fathead!

They will surely have everything you’re looking for and then some! They have a ton of characters to choose from and I was shocked they even had the Bubble Guppies!

Check them out now on their website HERE!

Thanks for supporting amazing brands like this one who keep this Brite & Bubbly party going!