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I recently had the amazing experience of hosting a sip & see party for my friend Julia and her new baby Bodhi thanks to the amazing folks at Huggies® Made by You™. If haven’t heard about Huggies® Made by You™ and you didn’t see our previous post from the launch event we attended in NYC, it’s Huggies® first-ever personalized diapers. You can customize Huggies® Made by You™ diapers yourself online by selecting a design, name and/or monogram. You can even choose a message to go inside a premium gift box to create the perfect gift for a baby shower or sip and see! It is the perfect combination of personal and practical and makes it so you can gift something that truly reflects the style of the new parents and their baby.There are different diaper patterns from the new Huggies® Made by You™ collection and I was given the Bright World themed pattern as a design inspiration for my party.

In case you can’t tell, I was all about the Bright World theme for my sip & see. Hello… we’re Brite & Bubbly and anything with the word bright in it calls our name! I also love the colorful fun patterns that are in the Bright World designs. They have patterns of everything from flamingos to ice cream. It’s the cutest designs I’ve ever seen for baby diapers ever! At the NYC event, Nicole Marie staged a whole mock sip and see party area for the Bright World themed pattern, so I can see some tips on how to decorate and plan my sip and see. I totally ran with a flamingo Palm Springs theme for our sip & see, since it just felt right since Bodhi is a California baby boy and his name just screamed to me Palm Springs baby. Today, I thought I would share the photos from our awesome sip & see party and share how it all came to be from planning to giving
the perfect gift: Huggies® Made by You™ diapers!

Since I am VERY preggers at the moment and can’t decorate and break down a whole party at a venue on my own, I enlisted the help of my fabulous hubby and my friend Jessica of Party Crush Events to help me with setting up each table and all the decorations at the party and making sure we got everything broken down and out of the venue on time. She was deemed party coordinator. She also brought a friend with her to the party to help.

Since it was a sip & see and lots of Julia’s friends have kids, I wanted to have the sip & see at a venue that would be super kid friendly and allow parents to bring their kids with them and also let them have a great time. That’s when I remembered an amazing venue called the Coop! This was the Studio City location and I had been to events there many times before and loved the space. We were on a super tight budget for the whole party, but the amazing team at the Coop were kind enough to work with us and let us have our party there.

The space is beyond perfect for our party and it has everything from a large front indoor and outdoor party area to a large ball pit and light up disco floor for kids to dance on. The owner Juliet also had an amazing team that helped us plan and decorate the party as well. They were incredible! Our bubbly baby will probably have his 1st birthday party there too!

I had my friend Gray from Party Divine do some palm leaf garland balloons for us, which were inspired by the balloons I saw at the staged party Nicole Marie did in NYC. He did the balloons for our wedding and I was so happy to have him back. He does amazing work and put up these balloons in literally 10 minutes! We needed to work fast during the set up for the party as we only had two hours to set up everything for the party.

Again since we’re on a tight budget, my friend Laura of Pixsweet designed some amazing flamingo popsicles inspired by Huggies® Made by You™ for our guests to enjoy at the party. How amazing are these popsicles folks? They not only look amazing, they taste amazing too! They can basically turn anything into a popsicle and it’s awesome! She brought an adorable popsicle cart to the event and handed them out to our guests. They were a huge hit especially since it was a warm summer day. Nothing beats a yummy cold popsicle on a warm summer day!

We had a Palm Springs/Baby cake and B & W cookie cakes, again inspired by Huggies® Made by You™ Bright World collection, made by our amazing follower Sam Samm Custom Cakes. It’s amazing how many talented people I have as followers on Instagram. I saw her work and told her what I’d like the theme of the cake and cookie cakes to be. She just ran with the details I gave her and came up with this amazing cake!

Boy did she deliver on this cake! I am obsessed with this cake! She hand painted all those decorations you see on the cake! How fabulous is that cake folks?

The cookie cakes were beyond adorable as well. She made sure everything was edible on the cookie cakes and also made sure all the decorations were colorful and had a baby and Palm Springs theme.

We, of course, had some Huggies® Made by You™ themed cookies to say thanks to Huggies® for allowing us to put on this amazing celebration. We also had Huggies® Made by You™ inspired draw in cookies for the kids to color in with edible markers. My friend Jennifer at Auntie Apple made these amazing cookies for me!

If there is one tip I can give you about throwing a party it’s, reach out to your friends for help. If you have some amazingly talented friends like I do, they can definitely help you with your party and it will also help you stay within your budget. Friends will most likely give you a cheaper price for services than if you went to stranger.

We of course had a gifts table and guest book table. We did a twist on the guest book and made it guest blocks instead. Guests can write a special message for Julia and Bodhi on the alphabet blocks and she can then display them in his nursery. How cute is that folks?! Love it!

I couldn’t wait to gift Julia and Bodhi the Huggies® Made by You™ personalized diaper that I designed for them. I handed her the diapers and she loved them so much! She loved how Bodhi’s name was on them, and the pattern I picked for him from the Bright World collection was perfect.

We couldn’t wait to see him in them, so we put them on him immediately after she was gifted the diapers.

He also looked so cute in them! I can’t even handle it! Huggies® Made by You™ truly are the perfect sip and see gift to give a new mom!

After all that cuteness and fun, we enjoyed the rest of the party and ate some yummy catering from Portos, a Cuban restaurant both me and Julia love.

At the request of Julia, we had to have some sips for the adults to enjoy, so I made a self serve MOM-MOSA bar. Get it…MOM-MOSA. It’s a play on the word mimosa. Since our party was during brunch hours, I thought mimosa, excuse me, mom-mosas would be the perfect drink to have for the adults at the party. They could make themselves their own mom-mosa at the cute self serve bar we set up.

It was complete with Huggies® Made by You™ coasters!

The party came out exactly as I had imagined and planned. Everyone had such a fabulous time, including myself. Julia was so thankful and thrilled by everything and I couldn’t be happier. She, Bodhi and her whole family had a blast celebrating baby Bodhi, from the food and decorations to the Huggies® Made by You™ diapers and other gifts. I was thrilled to see my vision come to life! I love being the hostess with the mostess, and this party allowed me to do just that!

The kids had a blast coloring in their little Huggies® Made by You™ diaper cookies and playing in the play areas, and all the adult guests had a great time and were saying how this was the best sip and see party they had ever been to or seen! I’m not joking. I was literally asked by like everyone at the party if I was a professional party planner and if I can plan and design their kids parties. While it was easy to design such a gorgeous party based off the Huggies® Made by You™ Bright World collection designs, I have to say that I think I’ve found my new career, folks! Party Planners watch out…here we come!

My friend Calli did the photography for me, since she’s an awesome photographer! I can’t thank her enough for capturing all the fun!

We closed out the event by eating lots of cake and cookie cakes and gifting everyone these super cute and tasty pineapple pops and candyfetti which my friends at Sweets Indeed made for us! I put on each thank you for coming card on myself by hand with that adorable flamingo ribbon I found on etsy. The cards were provided by my amazing friends at Minted!

I hope you enjoyed this fun look at the sip and see we hosted for our friend thanks to Huggies® Made by You™. I hope it’s given you some inspiration for your own sip and see parties or baby showers.

Thanks so much again to all my friends and my amazing team who helped me make this party a reality and to our amazing venue! I couldn’t have pulled it all off almost 8 months pregnant with out them!

Be sure to check out Huggies® Made by You™ and design some amazing, personalized diapers made special for your friend, bestie or family member who just had a baby or is expecting. It is seriously the perfect gift for a sip and see or baby shower. And for all my friends who are having babies this year, I know exactly what everyone is getting – Huggies® Made by You™ personalized diapers!

The designs can also inspire the theme for your own baby shower or sip and see, there are tons to choose from!

Huggies® Made by You™ diapers are available exclusively online at HuggiesMadeByYou.com.



This is a sponsored post by Huggies. All opinions are my own.


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