Our Favorite Brunch Spot Dinette! #BANDBEateries


Hey All!

Today I’m starting off a new series showcasing some of my favorite places to eat and find tasty treats all around the country. I’m starting of course with all my favorite places in Los Angeles.  My new favorite spot for a quick brunch is Dinette in L.A.’s Echo Park. It’s a tiny little fancy take-out window restaurant hidden in an up-and-coming part of Los Angeles. It’s really interesting to see this upscale trendy spot right smack next to a Spanish market. Only in LA will you find gems like this hidden around town.

Right next to the order winder is a drink serving station that is beautifully set.


Next to the order window is the cozy seating area. If you want to get a seat, I recommend getting there early because the crowds come once 10am hits.


What makes this such a hot spot is the incredible food and menu.


They have everything from waffles to avocado toast. There is also a mix of beautiful fresh baked goods that sit in the window that look delish!



I couldn’t wait to try the waffle and avocado toast since I heard about this place.


The wait was worth it as they were the lightest and tastiest waffles I’ve ever had! It has a hit of salt sprinkled on it with the syrup cooked into the waffle. It was topped with one of the best pieces of fresh bacon I’ve ever had.


The avocado toast has such a mix of flavors that excite your taste buds with every bite!


I washed it all down with a delicious cup of fresh squeezed Orange Juice. It was complete with an adorable paper straw.


This is truly one of my new favorite brunch spots. Every time I have a brunch meeting or want to meet friends for brunch, I always recommend we head over to Dinette! I love introducing people to the goodness that is their food. The waffle will rock your world!


If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you definitely want to check out Dinette located at 1608 1/2 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026.

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All Photos by Vanessa Diaz of Brite & Bubbly.