Our Favorite Household Finds!


Hey All!

When ever I go shopping, there are always things I end up buying that are not on my shopping list. It’s something I’ve become accustomed to being the shop-a-holic that I am. My favorite things to shop for are items for our home. Any item that makes cleaning or laundry all the more easier is for me. I also love to find new decor for our home. Here are a few household finds I recently picked up on a shopping trip!

I got these amazing sock locks which keep all your socks together when you do laundry. It’s a lifesaver for keeping all your laundry items together.


I found some amazing towels that are the perfect colors that match our home. How brite and bubbly are these towels? Love them!


I also found some amazing pineapple hand towels and some cute pillows for our couch as well.


I don’t know if this is considered a household item, but I also found this adorable dog bed for our dog Mr. Pink.

Those are all my fabulous household finds!

What are your fun shopping trip household finds?


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