Our Favorite School Lunch Essentials!

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Hey All!

When back to school time comes rolling back around, there are a few mush haves that must be included in every lunch I make for the kidlets. I call them my back to school essentials! I’m sure every family has a few key items they need to pack up a healthy and fun lunch up for the kids. I thought I would give you all an inside look at these essentials and how I go about making our kidlets lunches. The lunches I make are always cute and colorful of course. Even if they are brite and bubbly, it doesn’t mean they aren’t healthy lunches. You can make cute lunches and keep it healthy.

The first essential is a bento box food container to hold the lunch in.


I always make sure the lunches are cut down to mini size in order to fit inside the bento boxes.

My second essential to include in the lunch is a GoGo squeeZ applesauce pouch. They are a fun healthy snack for kids that require no spoon and make no mess. They are the perfect snack for healthy snack for busy families on the go.


We have a variety of flavors including Apple Pineapple (the favorite), Apple Cherry, Great’Full Grape, and Gimme Five! Each day I include a different flavor in their lunches.


They are awesome as they are all natural and made from 100% fruit. They are also gluten, nut, and dairy free. They are truly goodness on the go and they go perfectly with every lunch I make.


They also go perfectly with the snack containers I always include in the lunches I make. Snack containers are another essential, as kids usually want to snack through out the day. I fill my containers with nuts and raisins.


The small sandwiches I include always have some kind of design or smiling face on them. That’s another essential to my lunches!


And lastly we have to have an adorable lunch bag to put it all in with a container to put juice and water in. We get a new lunch bag every year and this one is an adorable unicorn. Thanks to the folks at GoGo squeeZ, we have a great container for the drinks. A lunch bag is the ultimate essential for school lunches of course!


If it was up to the kids, the only essential they would include on the list would be GoGo squeeZ. And this is what their lunches would look like above. They’d eat it all day long!

Thankfully us grown ups are the ones who make the lunches!

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What are your school lunch essentials?