Our Fun Start of Summer Pool Party!

Hey All!

Summer is in full effect and to celebrate I decided to throw a Fun Start of Summer Pool Party! It was filled with everything I love and enjoy for the summer. I of course had to have some amazing pool floats and beach blanket towels at my pool party and the amazing folks at Big Mouth Inc came to the rescue! They were kind enough to send me a bunch of amazing pool floats to splash around in and the cutest beach towels in the history of ever! I love it all and I can’t thank them enough for helping me kick Summer off with a whole lot of color. We had everything we needed for a fabulous pool party and some cute donut treats to enjoy!

We had a ice cream sandwich aka chipwich beach blanket, which I’m obsessed with and pizza beach blanket

We had a donut beach blanker towel

On the donut blanket we would eat our cute Care Bear donuts of course.

For pool floats we had this amazing rainbow drink cooler pool float.

It’s my favorite of the bunch of course!

Who doesn’t love a rainbow pool float? I know I do!

We couldn’t just have one rainbow pool float, we had to have the mini drink holder rainbow pool floaties too! They are beyond adorable!

How cute is the one with the ice cream sipper and party straw? Love it! We also had mini diamond ring drink pool floats too!

We had pineapple and flamingo cooler pool floats…

Which are a match made in heaven! You can’t have a pool party with out some flamingos in the pool!

They can carry your drinks around the pool and store drinks inside too! How cool is that?!!!

And we lounged in the water inside this avocado pool float!

Who doesn’t love a huge avocado pool float? You know me, I love to dance with my pool floats when I love them!

And last but not least, the giant marker aka sharpie pool float! I know a ton of people went crazy for it when I shared a preview of our pool party! It’s amazing and so fun to play around with in the water!

We had a blast welcoming Summer with all these amazing fun pool party must haves!

I hope you enjoyed this look at our pool party and thanks again to Big Mouth Inc. for helping to make it happen!

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No compensation was received for this post. We just received some of these products from the brand and wanted to thank them for the gifts!