Our Hershey’s S’mores Family Summer Tradition!

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Hey All!

Summer is quickly approaching and you know what that means right? It’s S’mores season! That’s right, I call it a season since we mark the start of Summer with our very own Hershey’s S’mores fiesta. It’s part of our summer traditions to kick off the Summer in this way. We’re a Hispanic family and we like to celebrate almost anything with food! It’s always a tasty way to kick it off as well. Summer is the time of year we spend the most time outdoors which makes it the perfect time to always enjoy some S’mores. Who doesn’t love a good S’more?! I know I’m obsessed with them. I even have a pillow and ring that look like S’mores. I digress…

Thankfully the fabulous folks at Hershey’s we extremely kind enough to send me this fabulous new Weber Smokey Joe Grill and an Extending BBQ Fork to easily make our S’mores this year. In case you didn’t know you can make your S’mores with a grill.


What I love about this grill is that it literally says Hershey’s S’mores on the handle of the grill.


How awesome is that?! LOVE IT! It’s literally our S’mores grill.


We couldn’t wait to get to making some S’mores to test out the Hershey’s S’mores grill. We live in California so the Summer heat is already starting to hit us even before it begins. It already feels like Summer so we’re celebrating early this year.


I got some Jet-Puffed S’moreMallows which are marshmallows that are made in the perfect shape to make S’mores with. They are essentially S’mores marshmallows. I also got our Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bars, and Honey Maid Graham Crackers of course. You can’t make S’mores with out any of these ingredients.


I first cut up our chocolate and graham crackers so they are ready to go when I start roasting the marshmallows.


I then poured a bunch of S’more marshmallows out and placed one on the BBQ Stick.


You then hover the marshmallow over the charcoal inside the BBQ.


We like our marshmallows to have a little black at the ends which make it a little cruchy. We are weird I know, but we love it. You then place on piece of chocolate on a graham cracker and then place the roasted marshmallow between the graham cracker, chocolate, and second piece of graham cracker.

Boom you got yourself some amazing yummy S’mores. I could eat the whole plate if you let me.


Who doesn’t love melted warm marshmallows mixed with chocolate and graham crackers.


It’s like heaven on a plate. We couldn’t wait to take a bite out of these. When I say bite, I mean gobble up one in less that a minute.


I savored every bite of my delicious Hershey’s S’mores. Enjoying some S’mores with my family to kick off the Summer is a tradition I wait for all year long.  I’m so glad it’s here and I get to savor their tasty goodness for the next few months!


I’m apparently not the only one who can’t stop eating those S’mores.


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