Our Interview With The Adorable Abby Ryder Fortson On The Set of Ant-Man!

Abby 1 (Abby interview)

Hey All!

My week of sharing my experience on the set of Marvel’s Ant-Man is almost up sad to say! You’ve hopefully by now read up on Paul Rudd’s experience as Ant-Man, Peyton Reed’s experience of how he’s bringing the film to the big screen, and Judy Greer’s thoughts on her role in Ant-Man. Today we bring you the most adorable interview of them all from the ever so talented and beyond cute Abby Ryder Fortson! She stars as Cassie Lang (aka Ant-Man’s daughter) in the film. You may recognize her from the new hit ABC TV show The Whispers. She is such a talented little actress! You are going to fall in love with her in Ant-Man. She’s so cute that I just wanted to put her in my pocket and take her home. I need to have a little girl of my own one day. I digress…

We were lucky to be the first group of people to interview her ever. She was a little shy at first, but she quickly opened up after we got her comfortable and laughing.

Abby 2 (Abby interview)

Being the adorable little princess that she is, we of course had to know who her favorite Disney Princess is?


Halloween had not been too long ago, so we wondered if she dressed up like Elsa for Halloween?

“No. I wasn’t because I don’t have the outfit and it’s like 100 to 200 dollars on one like thing.”

Way to stay on budget Abby! We then moved on to what’s her favorite part about making a movie?


What’s her favorite part about acting and why does she love it so much?

“Because I get to be all different kinds of people.”

She was very straight and to the point like a true professional in an interview. On this day of shooting at the house set I mentioned we visited, she had been acting the entire day with a creepy doll Ant-Man brings her as a gift on her birthday. In the film she loves it since it’s a rare gift from her Dad. We of course wanted to know what she really thinks of that doll.

“I don’t like it. It’s so weird! And he bit my finger! ‘Cause I was here last night.”

Do you like Paul Rudd?

“Yeah. He’s actually koo-koo!” (She then sings a koo-koo song!)

Peyton & Abby (Peyton interview)

She was so professional at such a young age, so we of course had to know how long this little fantastic actress been acting.

“Since I was four years old.”

And how old is she now?


We also just had to know what she thought when she saw Paul in the Ant-Man suit.

“It was actually really cool. I actually got to put on one of his gloves when I was at the Wardrobe.”

We thought maybe she would think it was a magic superhero glove when she put it on. Nope!

“No, it was all pretend!”

You can’t put anything past this smart little actress!

One of the biggest questions we had for her is, Was Ant-Man her favorite superhero now?

 “Yeah. And Black Widow.”

The kid has great taste in superheroes!

We concluded our interview with wanting to know if she had any tips for kids who want to be actors?

“Hmm. Practice your lines like three weeks ahead so you get them down.”

Very good advice for a six year old to give right?!

Abby was so incredible to chat with and she even snapped a picture with us after the interview. She was so happy to meet us that she was skipping and bouncing around after the interview as kids do when they are happy. It was so incredible to see this little girl who has no idea she’s going to be a huge star one day and who also has no idea she’s going to be in one of the biggest movies of the summer! Oh to be young and carefree again!

Abby interview

I can’t wait to see this film and all the adorable scenes she’ll be in!

Stay tuned for my post about our visit to the Ant-Man costume department coming tomorrow. This is where I had the once in the lifetime opportunity to put on the Ant-Man helmet! Nerd Alert!

Ant-Man Mask

Stay tuned for all the details on that epic experience coming tomorrow!


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