Our Milk Jar Cookies Tasting Party!

Milk Jar Cookies LA

Hey All!

On the hunt for the bestfreshly baked chocolate chip cookie in Los Angeles, I stumbled up a little gourmet cookie shop called Milk Jar Cookies. I’ve heard of them before, but I never knew where they were located until I just so happen to finally find them on none other than national chocolate chip day. It was meant to be! Since I didn’t know when we’d ever have the time to make it back to try all their awesome flavors, I figured I would buy almost all of their menu right then and just do a Milk Jar Cookie Tasting Party to see which one would be our favorite. I figured I would share the results of our top 3 cookies with you all today in case you’re in LA or visiting Los Angeles and want to try these cookies.

Milk Jar Cookies Selections

These are honestly the best cookies I’ve ever tasted, so it was hard to narrow it down to a top 3!

The flavors I tried are:

English Toffee

Seasonal English Toffee…


Birthday Cookie…


I love anything with sprinkles.

chocolate chip

Chocolate Chip and a Gluten Free Chocolate Chip…

Chocolate Chip Walnut

Chocolate Chip Walnut…

Chocolate Pecan Caramel

Chocolate Pecan Caramel…

Cinnamon Sugar

Cinnamon Sugar…

Oatmeal Raisin

Oatmeal Raisin…

White Chocolate Macadamia

White Chocolate Macadamia…

White Chocolate Raspberry

And last but not least, White Chocolate Raspberry!

Milk Jar Cookies Winner

Out of all the cookies we tried, the top 3 flavors we loved were regular Chocolate Chip, Seasonal and sadly gone English Toffee, and the Birthday Cookie! You could put these cookies in the freezer and microwave them 3 days later and they would still taste amazing. I can’t even describe how crunchy yet most and flavorful these cookies are. They are the most perfectly crafted cookie I’ve ever had. The runner ups were White Chocolate Macadamia, Oatmeal Raisin, and White Chocolate Raspberry!

Milk Jar Cookies Runner Ups

I can’t tell you how much we loved getting our cookie party on. I could eat these cookies every day if you let me and I’m so glad I finally got to try them. I truly do believe they are the best cookies in Los Angeles.

Milk Jar Cookie Tasting

If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, I highly recommend you check out Milk Jar Cookies!

Find more info on their website www.milkjarcookies.com! They also ship and have a cookie of the month club! Amazing I tell you! AMAZING!