Our Morning Routine and Tropicana! #TropFloridaOJ #Family

Hey All!

I have a question for you all! Do you have a morning routine that starts your day with your family on a pure and fresh note? I was recently asked this question thanks to Social Moms and Tropicana and I have to say that I actually do have a routine of sorts. I am actually one of those people who LOVEEEES breakfast and making a great morning breakfast for my family since breakfast is actually my favorite meal of the day. I can eat breakfast foods any time of day if you let me! lol.

I’ve trained my family to be the same way as I feel you don’t have the right amount of energy to start the day if you don’t eat breakfast. I like to make our day start out on a fresh note by making sure their drinking some fresh orange juice, so they get a good source of vitamin c. I also like to make sure the breakfast I make is something fresh, whether it be an omelet, pan cakes, Belgium waffles, fresh bowl of fruit, home made granola, French toast or any other thing we love to eat for breakfast. I try to make sure we use the freshest and most natural and organic ingredients to make sure it’s the best possible meal health wise and taste wise for my family.

I find that when my family does sit down for a nice meal everyday at the start of our day, we tend to have better days. We tend to be more focused, have more energy and the kids do better at school because they aren’t starving until they have lunch or focusing on when they are going to eat instead of what their studies are. Having a routine like this for my family helps us start on a fresh positive note each day.

I know some days are crazy and it’s just not possible to do this huge meal every morning and for those days I actually prepare meals in advance and freeze them so I know at least they are healthy ingredients and meal I prepared. I’m not just handing them a hot pocket and calling it a day. I can easily defrost the meal and it tastes perfectly fine just as if I made it fresh that morning.

I know there are many ways to start your family off to a fresh and pure start every morning and this is just the way my family Starts their day!

Here is a little about our favorite OJ Bran Tropicana:

Tropicana is committed to using the best fruit to give you the great tasting juice you love and the nutrition your body needs. Each 59oz container of Tropicana Pure Premium® has 16 fresh-picked Florida oranges squeezed into it and an 8oz glass gives you 100% vitamin C to help you maintain a healthy immune system.

  • Tropicana Pure Premium is 100% Pure Florida Orange Juice.
  • Tropicana is the single largest buyer of Florida fruit, purchasing approximately 11.6 billion oranges from Florida each year.
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  • The different microclimates and soil types mean that fruit reaches peak maturity at different times, allowing Tropicana to harvest ripe fruit throughout the entire growing season.
  • The two major orange types in Tropicana Pure Premium are Valencia and Hamlin. Valencias typically have more intense color and flavor, while Hamlins can be sweeter. They each add unique characteristics to the TPP blend.
  • Many Florida growers sample oranges by cutting them into a cup shape, allowing for drinking juice directly from the fruit.
  • Tropicana’s roots in Florida go back a long way. Some of its current grower relationships date to the 1960s.
  • Oranges have been grown in Florida since the 1560s, approximately 147 years before any other U.S. state.

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