Our Muppets Star Wars Wedding Invitations On This Wedding Wednesday!



Hey All!

Today on this Wedding Wednesdays Post I wanted to share our amazing Muppet and Star Wars Themed Wedding Invitations. These are one of a kind and not for sale! Sorry folks! My friend Melissa over at One Little M made these spectacular invitations and accessories for our Muppet Star Wars Themed Wedding taking place at Jim Henson Studios in May.


We had such am amazing time coming up with the design of these and we had Disney’s blessing as well. She did an AMAZING job! They came out exactly how I imagined them to.

When you pull out the invitation the Star Wars Muppets are revealed.


This is everything you’ll find inside the invitation.


It truly is the coolest wedding invitations ever made!


And these are my fabulous fans for my guests. It’s probably going to be a hot day in May so we of course need fans.


And last but not least here are our programs with built in confetti pouch.


You know I have to have my Confetti! LOVE IT!

I hope you enjoy a preview of my wedding invitations. Again these are unfortunately not for sale and one of a kind but you can see all the other amazing and creative invitations my friend Melissa does at OnelittleM.com!  We’re going to have lots of security and a guest list check at the door so don’t get any ideas nutters!

Stay Tuned for more wedding fun next week on another Wedding Wednesday!


All Photos courtesy of OneLittleM.com.


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