Our NYC Adventure With Vanity Fair Lingerie!

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Vanity Fair. I received product samples to facilitate my review and compensation to thank me for my participation.


Hey All!

I’m sure most of you have seen via my social channels that I was recently in my home town NYC with the lingerie company Vanity Fair. I happy to officially announce on the blog that I am participating in the Vanity Fair Ambassador Program! I was in NYC to meet with the brand and attend their Blogger Summit to learn more about the brand. I was one of the few ambassadors who has been actually using their bras for some time. I used to shop for my Vanity Fair bras at Macy’s Herald Square with my mom when I was younger. Vanity Fair is actually the first bra I ever owned believe it or not. I just realized that the other day as I was chatting with my mom about the trip. For nearly 100 years, Vanity Fair lingerie has been the brand that women look to for undeniable support, lift and elegance. Their goal is to create products that make style and comfort effortless for every woman! They get the job done in my opinion. Vanity Fair offers feminine and beautiful lingerie available in styles that are on-trend yet incredibly functional. I’m sure you remember my previous post where I raved about my love for Vanity Fair bras? The majority of my bras are honestly Vanity Fair.

I’m wearing my fabulous Vanity Fair Beauty Back bra in the picture below. Wearing one of their bras really does give you a confidence boost in case you can’t tell I’m feeling fabulous in the picture below.


I checked into the chic and trendy Refinery Hotel located in the heart of New York City’s Fashion district. It felt great to be back in my home town NYC!


I had a few hours to freshen up before heading off to dinner to meet the rest of the ambassadors and the brand.


At the dinner I met the fabulous JoAnna Beddingfield, Vice President of Brand Management for Vanity Fair Brands. She spoke about the past, present and future of Vanity Fair. She also spoke about the “Women Who Do” campaign and a how women can be great roll models for future generations of women. It was so inspiring to hear her story about who inspired her to be the person she is today. I also gave her some must see places to see in NYC!


It was so great to enjoy a fabulous meal and meet so many great women during the dinner at ABC Kitchen. We enjoyed some out of this world raviolis and a variety of dishes that were served family style to our table. The dinner concluded with a variety of desserts including this out of this world chocolate cake.


The following day we headed over to the Vanity Fair Showroom to learn more in detail about the brand. In case you didn’t know Vanity Fair is a Fruit of the Loom company!


We were greeted with a lovely breakfast buffet and drink bar before we started our learning sessions.


A variety of lovely pastries and yogurt was served, along with waiters who passed around delicious bites like french toast on a stick.


It felt almost like an English tea party by how lovely everything was set up for the breakfast.


I immediately noticed that there were some frames with fun quotes on the table where the buffet of lovely foods were. I was thrilled to see one was actually mine and that they were all actually quotes found on the ambassadors sites. It’s so amazing when a brand takes the initiative to want to learn more about you and your site. It was a great personal touch to the decor for the breakfast.


Inside the showroom meeting rooms there were bras and underwear as far as the eye could see. I’m exaggerating, but I was in bra heaven! Every style and almost every color from the Vanity Fair lingerie lines were on display.


They were also on display with these amazing huge paper flowers. They made my DIY loving heart skip a beat!


The day finally began with Kristen Supulski, Director of Merchandising for Vanity Fair Brands, showcasing all the details on Vanity Fair’s Beauty Back, Body Caress, Cooling Touch and Flattering Lift Collections.


Did you know you should always wash a bra after use and that you should have enough bras to last you the week so you can have enough to wear once each day? I didn’t know that and I’m sure most women are guilty of wearing the same bra multiple times before washing it. She also shared how Vanity Fair holds dozens of events and goes directly to their customers to learn what the customer specifically wants in their products. They then make their products based on what their consumers want. It’s fantastic to hear about a brand who actually cares about the consumer and their thoughts on the products they buy!

I also learned you should wear your bra on the second hook and you should be able to fit two fingers underneath your straps and fasteners of you bra. If you can’t fit two fingers, it’s probably not the right size.  You also shouldn’t be able to feel your bra when you have it on. It should just feel like a natural extension of your body. You should be comfortable in your bras at all time. I should say you should feel comfortable and sexy in your bra at all times. She also recommended you should buy 3-5 new bras a year so you can start out fresh each year. There was so much information about just wearing bras that I had no idea about. It was so informative and I was thrilled to learn it. This was probably my favorite part of the trip as I love to learn new things that I can share with my fabulous readers. It will surely help all my ladies out there!


I was also thrilled to discover two new bras that I’m now in love with. Their fabulous Beauty Back bra with Lace that you see above in the beautiful red color. The lace really brings a beauty and elegance to the bra so that you feel beautiful when you’re wearing it.

Vanity-Fair-No wire

I also love the Beauty Back wire free you see above. It’s a wire free bra that gives you the same support as a bra with a wire. Did you notice those two lines of sticking outlining the bra cup? That is what help support the cup so your girls stay nice and lifted.

After we learned all about the brand and our bras, we headed off to my old home away from home Macy’s Herald Square. I have been coming to this store since I was six months old. It’s changed so much since I last was here, but it’s just as fabulous as I remembered.


We were here to be fitted by a Vanity Fair Fit Expert so we would know the proper bra size we actually need. Statistics say that eight out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra. That’s an incredible amount of women who are probably uncomfortable in their bras. There is no better place for a woman to find her fit than at the iconic Macy’s Herald Square.

Macy's-Vanity Fair

They had a great fitting room just for bra fittings.


This was one of the fabulous experts you see to your left who was doing the fittings. It was fantastic as we got fitted and then got to go on a mini bra shopping spree at Macy’s! They gave us a Macy’s gift card to shop with. Woot Woot! Who doesn’t love a shopping spree? I got 3 bras and 3 panties as they were having an amazing promotion that if you bought 2 bras you got the 3rd at 50% off! And the Vanity Fair panties were buy two get one free! It was a heck of a deal! I snagged two Cooling Touch bras and panties and one Body Caress bra and Smoothing Comfort brief. The Cooling Touch bras are my favorite as they are made with a heat diffusing WinCool fabric. It feels breathable and light so you stay cool all day long. It’s a must have when you live in Los Angeles!


After our fitting we had a lovely lunch at Stella 34 (A lovely restaurant located inside Macy’s Herald Square).


I was obsessed with the Lemon Meringue dessert I had with Lemon Sorbet. It was to die for!

lemon-merigue-dessert-Stella 34

We then finished our Blogger Summit by heading back to the Vanity Fair Showroom to learn about the Vanity Fair partnership with Dress for Success. Dress for Success is an organization dedicated to promoting the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, career development tools and a network of support. They noticed a need for more intimate apparel amongst the women they are trying to help and reached out to Vanity Fair. The company saw a welcome opportunity to lend its expertise, resources and extensive product offering to help the nonprofit. We met Eunice Liranio, vice president of resource development and communications for Dress for Success who spoke briefly about the partnership and what a bra means to a woman. In addition, a woman named Donna (Who was helped by a Dress for Success) shared her personal success story thanks to the help of programs like these.


It was such a great experience to connect and learn so much about a brand I have loved for such a long time. This is just the start of a great partnership that will go through out the rest of the year. I can’t wait to see what else is in store as part of this amazing Ambassador Program. Thanks so much to Vanity Fair and the whole team for such a fun experience in NYC!

For more info on Vanity Fair visit their website. Thanks for supporting the brands that make this site possible!


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