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Many of you know our pet owner profile of our dog Mr.Pink. We’re very happy shelter dog pet owners as we got our dog Mr. Pink from a rescue organization. Mr. Pink has come a long way from his days as a shelter and rescue dog. He is now a spoiled beautiful dog who loves his toys and to taste new tasty treats and dog foods. He loves his Rachael Ray Nutrish in case you couldn’t tell from the picture below. Every Rachael Ray Nutrish food and treat recipe is made with simple ingredients like real meat and wholesome veggies, so they’re naturally delicious. I love that a portion of Rachael’s personal proceeds go to Rachael’s Rescue to help animals in need. Those are animals that used to be where Mr.Pink was.


Mr. Pink is normally a little angel, but there are some days when he has his moments. All pets have moments when they can be mischievous, but you love them anyway! Our Mr. Pink had a moment recently with his toys. Mr. Pink has had these five toys you see below for years now. HE LOVES THEM!


No matter how much we wash these toys or clean them he just manages to get them all dirty again. The little ewok toy is just run down.


I decided one day to swap out these toys for some new toys. I hid the old toys in his big pile of dogs toys in his basket.


Needless to say he was not having it! He gave me the evil side eye that said “What the heck is this Mama!”


He sniffed them and immediately ran to his corner to ran sack his toys to find the old one.


He could smell they were in there and he was going to find them! I tried to get him to stop and he just threw toys every where!

IMG_6956 (1)

He was totally like this meme below! No matter what I said and did, he wasn’t hearing it!


He got his toys back and that was the end of it. The new toys are still thrown to the side. Maybe one day he will actually play with them, but what is a pet parent to do. What Mr. Pink wants, Mr. Pink gets.

I created this meme using the generator provided on the Rachael Ray Nutrish “Fur Real Pet Moments” contest page. You can make one too and enter the Rachael Ray Nutrish “Fur Real Pet Moments” contest! Because Rachael Ray Nutrish knows pet parents, they created the “Fur Real Pet Moments” meme generator to celebrate those times where you just know you’re a pet parent. This was definitely one of those moments!

They know being a pet parent isn’t always easy. They chew on your good things, get into the garbage can, drink out of your glass and wake you up at some ridiculous hour just to say hi. But you love them anyway – and so does Rachael Ray Nutrish! That’s why they want you to share your fur real pet moments for a chance to win a great prizes likes a year’s supply of Rachael Ray Nutrish & $1500.

To enter you simply visit this site and upload a photo of your furry friend and choose a category and caption that fits for a chance to win! It’s so simple to do and then you have a fun meme to share as well!

If you have a fur baby you has his moments like Mr. Pink does, I highly recommend you enter today! You may just benefit from those moments.


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What is your Pet Parent Moment?


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