Our Rainbow Memorial Day BBQ & Grilling Recipe!


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With Memorial Day around the corner, I wanted to give you a fun little preview of the our rainbow Memorial Day BBQ today. I also wanted share with you a tasty grilling recipe we’ll be cooking up for our event. It will be great for your own Memorial Day celebrations as well. It’s a Pineapple Salsa Fiesta Burger made with super tasty King’s Hawaiian Hamburger Buns. I always use their buns for our burgers and BBQ’s as they are the best flavored buns and they always take my recipes up a notch.  This burger is a super easy and colorful grilling recipe to make. Let me not forget to mention it tastes pretty darn good as well. I’m going to take you on the journey of our shopping trip for the BBQ and the step by steps of making the recipe. You will be able to have your own rainbow Memorial Day BBQ and an amazing burger to serve by the end of this post.

How perfectly do those buns fit into our colorful BBQ?!!

Memorial Day BBQ King's Hawaiian Recipe

I headed off to my home away from home, Target, to get everything I needed for our rainbow BBQ and recipe. I knew they would have everything I needed.


I grabbed my shopping cart and tried not to stop all over the store. I always end up stopping and browsing every aisle of Target, because they always have the cutest products.


I headed upstairs where the food and summer seasonal decor is located. I first picked up my tasty King’s Hawaiian Hamburger Buns.


I then picked up some pineapple, onion, colby jack cheese, hamburgers, and some pineapple salsa. You can make your own pineapple salsa, but I’d rather save time and just buy some at Target.


I got all my ingredients for my recipe and then picked up some fun rainbow decor from the summer seasonal section. They had so many amazing items to choose from. I got rainbow striped cups, a AMAZING rainbow circle striped tray, plates, utensils, and a rainbow striped pitcher for our drinks. I also picked up some fun Memorial Day themed red, white, and blue cookies and some blue tortilla chips to go with our burgers. To drink, we’re having some pink lemonade.


I got everything I needed and checked out. It was very hard to not spend hours and hours in Target, which is what I would normally do. I LOVE that store with a passion!


I was off home to make our burgers and set up our BBQ rainbow table.


To make our Pineapple Salsa Fiesta Burger you’ll need:


  • King’s Hawaiian Hamburger Buns
  • Grill
  • Pineapple Salsa (or you can make your own with a recipe you can find online)
  • Hamburgers (or you can make your own patties with ground beef)
  • Onion
  • Ketchup
  • Colby Jack Cheese
  • Cutting Board
  • Knife
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Garlic Powder
  • Oregano
  • Aluminum pan


First you cut your onion into slices and make enough for the amount of burgers you’ll be making.


You’ll then season your burgers with a pinch of salt, pepper, oregano, and garlic powder. Head up your grill and grill your burgers until they are cooked how you like your burger cooked. I’m a well done kind of girl.


You then place your slices of colby jack cheese on your burger, so the cheese melts on your burger.


After the cheese is melted, you’ll put them in an aluminum pan so they stay warm while you grill up your onions.


Once your burgers are grilled up and cooked, you’ll build your burgers.


First you’ll open up your King’s Hawaiian Hamburger Buns. You’ll then place your colby jack covered burger on the bun. You’ll then place your grilled onions on the cheese. You’ll follow that with two tablespoons of your pineapple salsa and a teaspoon of ketchup. You’ll place the top of the bun on top and complete your burger. You can see the step by step of building your burger below.


Here is a little animated image of how to build your buger below as well.


Once your done, you can put a little flag toothpick on the top to hold the burger together or to just decorate it.


That’s it! You’re done! You’re left with one tasty burger. It’s the perfect little festive and colorful burger don’t you think?

Memorial Day BBQ Recipe

Memorial Day BBQ Buger

You’ll then pair it with some rainbow picnic decor for the perfect rainbow BBQ.

Memorial Day BBQ Spread

The burger tastes great paired with some blue chips and salsa. You can serve the left over pineapple salsa with your blue chips.

Memorial Day BBQ Chips

It’s one perfect fiesta burger pairing to eat for a Memorial Day BBQ.

Memorial Day BBQ Tray

We always have something sweet at our BBQ and these cookies will do the trick perfectly. They are festive for Memorial Day and taste great. You can find them already made at Target.

Memorial Day BBQ Treats

These burgers and buns really do take this rainbow BBQ to a whole new level.

Memorial Day BBQ Burger Recipe

It’s the perfect colorful and tasty way to ring in the start of summer.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do and I also hope I inspired you to make your Memorial Day celebrations a little more colorful.

Stay tuned as I’ll be updating this post with a fun Target Cartwheel offer that will help you get some of these awesome products and King’s Hawaiian Burger Buns for your own Memorial Day BBQ. Make sure you have the Cartwheel app downloaded on your phones!

This blog post was sponsored by KING’S HAWAIIAN, but the opinions are all my own.

Memorial Day BBQ Burgers

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