Our Santa Pink Flamingo Cocktail For The Holidays!

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Flamingo Cocktail Drink Recipe For The Holidays

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The holidays are here and I’m the hostess with the mostess. I’m enjoying hosting lots of holiday dinner parties at our home for our friends and family. This also means lots of cocktails will be enjoyed. To cut back on the calories of all those drinks, I decided to come up with some fun low calorie drink options. Today, I wanted to take the opportunity to share one of those options. Check out our Santa Pink Flamingo Cocktail for the holidays! It’s a such a fun recipe that goes perfectly with out holiday theme. You can of course make them a mocktail as well with out alcohol if you don’t drink. I love these as they are, because they don’t have a lot of alcohol and they are pretty low in calories. This is possible because this drink recipe includes Sweet ‘N low zero calorie sweetener as one of it’s ingredients.

Sweet ‘N Low lets you enjoy these sweet low calorie cocktails for holidays with out the guilt. It helps reduce calories in my drink recipes. You can enjoy the sweetness you love without the extra calories! So helpful during this festive holiday season when the cocktails are being poured more often.

Our Santa Pink Flamingo Cocktail For The Holidays!-Ingredients

To make this fun cocktail you’ll need:



  • A little more than half a cup of Cranberry Juice.
  • One Shot Glass Full of Watermelon Infused Vodka
  • 2-3 Packets of Sweet ‘N low
  • Flamingo Glasses
  • Flamigo Straws
  • Ice


First you pour in your Cranberry Juice and Watermelon Infused Vodka into a ice filled pitcher. This will make your drink cold. You then pour the mixture into your flamingo glasses.

Our Santa Pink Flamingo Cocktail For The Holidays-Step-1

Next you pour 2 packets of Sweet ‘N low into your drink and stir it in with your flamingo straw.

Flamingo Cocktail For The Holidays-Step-2

You can add as many packets as you’d like until you reach your desired sweetness for your cocktail.

Flamingo Santa Cocktail Drink-Recipe

Prop up your flamingo straws and serve! You will definitely love this unique festive drink for the holidays. If you serve it for a holiday party, it will definitely be the toast of the night. It’s the perfect pink goodness for the holidays!

Flamingo Cocktail For The Holidays-Sweet N Low

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I hope you enjoy these Our Santa Pink Flamingo Cocktail For The Holidays as much as we will!

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