Our Spoiler Free Thoughts On Avengers: Infinity War!

Hey All!

Avengers Infinity War is the 19th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and just as the promotional material states, “It’s all been leading to this.” The story is a culmination of nearly all the events that have occurred throughout each of the previous 18 Marvel films, including mid and post credit scenes. What follows in this review is not a spoiler filled summary of the film, but rather a word of advice so as how to best be prepared for the film.

First and foremost, Avengers Infinity War is a film for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you have seen films from Marvel and have decided that you are not a fan of a majority of the MCU, this film is not for you. The film is filled with multiple characters and multiple storylines that are continuations from prior films with characters from most of the films having prevalent roles to play in overall story. While Avengers Infinity War is filled with spectacular action, engaging drama, and a cohesive plot, the real enjoyment comes from the investment in the characters. If you don’t like the films or their characters, you won’t like this. I can’t imagine why someone wouldn’t enjoy the Marvel films, but to each their own and their loss means there might be an empty seat I can occupy in the theater when I see the film with a non-press audience.

If you have never seen a film in the MCU (where the heck have you been for the last ten years?), you may still enjoy Avengers Infinity War and like a major event that occurs in comics, this may be what gets you to watch the rest of the films. That’s how Marvel Comics used to expand their readership. They would put out a massive comicbook event that would grab the attention of new readers to hook them and cause those new readers to seek out the comics starring the characters in the event. In this sense, Avenger’s Infinity War is a perfect comicbook movie.

The real enjoyment will be had by those audience members that have seen all 18 of the previous Marvel films. They will not just see their favorite heroes cross the streams and interact with each other, but also see how each character’s own story arc continue in a way that makes sense both individually and in the wider sense. Then by the end of the film, no matter who is your favorite or which storyline engaged you more, there will be something that provides an emotional impact.

Then after the film, you will have something to talk about with fans for at least one year when the fourth Avengers film hits cinemas. I expect the ramifications of Avengers Infinity War to be the primary talk of Marvel Fandom until that release and I for one cannot wait!

Run out and see the film in theaters everyone now!

Jesse Delia