Our Sunny Day Summer Adventures!

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Hey All!

As those warm summer days approach, those pesky sun rays won’t stop our family’s fun time outside. We love to get outside when it’s sunny and when the weather is warm. It’s the perfect time to enjoy some fun in the sun. We live in Southern California where the summer weather comes fairly early and pretty much stays around for half of the year. As the sun shines it’s the ideal time to take adventures to our local parks, beaches, and favorite theme parks. Those are the main things we love to do on warm sunny days.

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While we’re out on our sunny day adventures, We always make sure to wear our sunscreen to keep our skin safe from sunburns or worse. Lately we’ve been using the Banana Boat NEW SunComfort sunscreen in SPF 30 and 50+ and it’s been working great!

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With this pale skin that I have, I need all the sunscreen I can get or I will burn. Ok, I take that back. I can tan, but if I don’t wear any sunscreen and don’t tan myself gradually I will burn. I always want to make sure I’m keeping my family’s skin safe when we run around in the sun.


Kids have skin that’s even more sensitive than ours, so we always make sure to protect ourselves with a great sunscreen as we frolic around with our bare skin out for those sunrays to get us. The Banana Boat NEW SunComfort sunscreen is perfect for us since it comes in two kinds of sprays. I tend to like the SPF 30 myself and the family uses the 50+.

It’s a unique sunscreen that allows sand to easily brush off, while it moisturizes and protects. This essentially makes it the must-have sunscreen for the beach. There is nothing worse than putting on sunscreen and having sand stick all over you when you’re trying to just relax. It’s such a hassle to get off and it’s very uncomfortable. It’s also water resistant for up to 80 minutes of fun in the sun!

As we plan more summer time adventures like a Beach Bash on our rooftop deck, it’s great to know that we have a sunscreen that will keep us safe as we party and have fun outdoors.

Our Roof Top Beach Bash is going to be filled with an inflatable pool filled with all our favorite pool floaties, of course.


We’ll sip some cold frozen summer drinks in our pineapple sippy cups.


Who doesn’t love a pineapple sippy cup with a flamingo straw?! I know I do and so does the family!


We’ll also be snacking on some fun summer themed treats! I can’t wait to share with you our Roof Top Beach Bash! Stay tuned!

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Summer is a time for families to reunite under the sun, at the beach, the park, or in their own backyards to enjoy those endless summer days.


That’s why this summer, Banana Boat’s giving moms and families everywhere a helping hand to make sure they have the Best Summer Ever. And to top it off, one lucky family will win a Great Big Family Reunion, organized and paid for by Banana Boat. Join the party at GreatBigFamilyReunion.com.



  • " target="_blank">Rita Bear

    I really enjoyed Vanessa’s story. I have a family of gingers. My daughter, her husband,and my two ginger grandchildren. We all love being good outside playing, gardening, swimming, and enjoying the to doors. With this many redheads we have to make sure ever wry one reapplies email wry 15 minutes or it will be a painful ne,the couple of days. The spray is quick for children because they are impatient to go out and play. So bring on the sun and outdoors because here we come.

  • " target="_blank">Tonya

    Using Banana Boat spf 50+ is ideal. With having to take medicine that requires you to stay out of direct sunlight, It makes being in the sun for a short time tolerable.

  • " target="_blank">James

    I also use the Banana Boat as stated above.

  • " target="_blank">Sharon

    I don’t like being in the sun so I always try to use a 50 or a 30. I love the smell of the Banana Boat lotions and sprays. Most of all the protect is great.

  • " target="_blank">Anna

    Awesome story. I love the idea of a Roof Top Beach Bash! Might have to have one of my own 🙂 Love Banana Boat sunscreen as well, used it as a kid and use it on mine 🙂

  • " target="_blank">tonya

    i also use banana boat as shown above

  • " target="_blank">Audrey

    I love banana boat! Really helps keep my toddlers sun safe!