Our Survey Results & Survey Winner!

Hey All!

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our short survey so we can get to know you better! I wanted to share a few of the responses we got and also answer some of the questions you guys left on the survey. This was so fun to answer and I hope it helps you get to know me better.

So here goes…

The majority of you are 24-35 years old! Woot Millenial peeps. Thanks for joining me!

I have a lot of you who were introduced to us through Instagram! Thanks so much for joining me here on the blog as well!

You guys want to see more larger scale DIY’s like room makeovers, furniture hacks, etc. This is a challenge for us since we live in an apartment rental, so we can only change so much. I’m doing my best to do some room makeovers this year that are small space and apartment themed!

DIY’s, Recipes, and Instagram Stories, more Personal Stories, More Fashion related content, and More Home Decor content. I hear you and I’m working my butt off to start bringing you more of all of the above! I’m going to start a weekly series where I share my thoughts and keep it real with you guys called “Hey Girl Hey” that I’ll share every Wednesday starting this week. I’ll also be sharing our personal stories of growing our family and how we’re getting our home ready for expanding our family. Stay tuned! Lots of news coming in that department!

What products would you like to see come to Shop Brite & Bubbly?

Here are just some of the answers! More Pins, Stickers, Party Decor, Fashion Accessories (like socks) and some DIY kits or Box of the Month seem like the biggest requests! I hear you and we’re working on it!

What is your favorite Holiday that we celebrate? 

National Ice Cream Month! Woot Woot! We can’t wait to share what we have panned for this year! And second is Halloween, followed by Christmas and New Years.

Favorite projects we made were our:
Stranger things cupcakes!
I loved the halloween costumes!
The Rainbow Tree & diy ornaments!

Why Do you read or Follow us? Here are some of our favorite responses!

-I love the colors of the blog and your products and I love how everything you do is so fun and colorful!
-It’s fun
-It’s uplifting and fun.It makes me happy and I get some great ideas that I don’t see anywhere else.
-It is positive and inspiring since I am always looking for a new project!
-rainbows man, rainbows.
-To get original DIY inspiration and for the positive attitude
-Colorful, fun content & diys
-I love looking at ideas. They go into the “I will do that one day” pile!

I’m so happy to hear our message and brand is conveying exactly what I want it to. I want to inspire positivity and bring some fun, color, and inspiration into your daily life. I will strive to do this even more this year!

Ask or tell me anything!

What’s one project you’ve always wanted to do but never find time to commit to?

I’ve always wanted to throw a huge dance party for my followers to come and enjoy! I’ve been wanting to do this for a few years, but haven’t had the time to search for a way to bring it all together.

What is your personal all time fave recipe that you’ve shared with us?

I think it’s my giant Rice Krispies Mean Girls Burn Book!

What is your favorite animated movie or cartoon show?

Disney’s Aladdin is my favorite animated movie and cartoon show is a tie between Robot Chicken & Ducktales!

I noticed you have a dog. Do you like cats?

I do like cats. They are super cute, but I will say their claws are killer and their tongues feel so funny when they lick you. I watched a cat for a few months who thought he was a dog named Spudnik. He would climb on my chest and try to lick the heck out of my face and he’d claw the heck out of me as he tried to massage me. So yes I do like cats. Don’t know if I’ll ever own one though.

How do you decide what’s the next diy?

Based on the posts and shares you like the best. I try to see what’s also popular at the time. You guys always love rainbows and nostalgia but you also want more practical grown up DIY’s, so we’re trying to find a balance between fun and practical!

If you could be ANY animal what would you be and WHY?

A chameleon, because it’s kind of like being invisible, so I can sneak in anywhere I want to go! Disneyland would be my first stop! But if I could choose a mythical animal it would be a flying unicorn, because who doesn’t love unicorns and a flying one is extra awesome!

Also Our winner of all in stock pins for taking our survey is Jade Howe!

That’s it folks! Thanks again for taking this survey! I hope it also helps you get to know me better.

Thanks for all your amazing support and stay tuned for lots of fun we have planned for this year!