Our Tasty Treats Christmas Tree Reloaded & DIY Fairy Bread Ornaments!

Hey All!

Can you believe Christmas is just a few days away. I’ve been meaning to share our Christmas tree, but I’ve come down with a horrible cold and well if I go down the whole ship goes down, so now I’m left throwing up some last minute DIY projects that you can all easily do this week in case you left anything to the last minute. I know many people who are just getting trees this week. Heck, better late than never! Apparently you can score a deal on Christmas trees if you wait until this week. I’m a pink fake tree kind of girl, as me and plants don’t mix. That’s what me and Carrie Bradshaw have in common.

I’m sure you all remember our tasty treats Christmas tree from last year? You can check it out below. Yes, there are many people who did tasty treats Christmas trees this year and just called it something else, but just an FYI, we were THE FIRST. Sorry for the sass.  It’s probably the meds talking and I probably should not be blogging when sick, because I’m not my normal brite & bubbly self when I’m sick. I’m a cranky mc crankerstein at the moment, because no one wants to be sick on Christmas! I digress…

I wanted to take out tree over the top tasty treats this year, so I made some DIY Fairy Bread Ornaments and circus animal cookie ornaments from the place card tags we made for our Holiday DIY Super Colorful Table Setting, which you can see HERE!

To make these you’ll simply need:

  • Some 1 inch thick foam.
  • Bread Shaped Cookie Cutter.
  • Pencil.
  • Scissors.
  • Ribbon.
  • Mini Pom Poms.
  • White and Brown Paint.
  • Hot Glue Gun.

First you trace out the shape of the bread onto the foam using your cookie cutter and pencil.

You then cut out the shape with your scissors and then paint the outside edges brown, so it looks like bread. If you get any brown paint on the white part, it’s ok! Just use the white paint to cover over it.

Once your paint is dry, glue on your mini pom poms to the center of the bread. Cut a piece of ribbon, tie the end in a knot, and then glue the knotted end to the center of the top of the brown bread edge.

That’s it! Super simple and easy to make fairy bread ornaments!

You can also make these circus animal cookie ornaments from the place tags printable and some shrink paper.  Similar to the way I made THIS holiday jewelry. You can find the printable template on the Holiday DIY Super Colorful Table Setting post, which you can see HERE!

Just print them out on shrink paper, punch out the black hole mark, bake them, slip a ribbon through the hole and tie it, and your done!

Another super simple last minute ornament you can make.

You can have a variety of both pink and white.

They fit perfectly with the rest of our tasty treats ornaments and garlands. In case you can’t see we have a candy garland for the tree and almost every kind of tasty treat you can think of.

I also have a tradition of collecting Dunkin Donuts ornaments. I get new ones EVERY YEAR!

I’m not joking when I say I love Dunkin Donuts! I’m a legit LOVER of Dunkin Donuts.

I have Munchkin Boxes….

Donuts (Yes these are from Dunkin)…

Boxed Dunkin ornaments…

Even sprinkle filled Dunkin Ornaments! I picked up an elf on the shelf dunkin ornament this year.

They blend perfectly with the gumball like round ornaments I got from Land of Nod and popsicle ornaments.

And cupcake and cake ornaments.

There are also pop tarts, cinnamon buns, fortune cookies, lollipops, and more on this tree. If I showed you every ornament, it would be like a million photos in one post! lol.

We topped it off with cupcake topper of course.

I hope you enjoyed this look at our holiday tasty treats tree and enjoy these DIY Ornaments!

Don’t forget to treat yo’self for the holidays!

You can find more fun Holiday and Christmas DIY’s HERE!

Happy Holiday Crafting Everyone!