Our The Walking Dead Themed Halloween Cemetery Cake Recipe!


Hey All!

I just had to share our “The Walking Dead” themed cemetery cake that I made for Halloween. I made a cemetery cake every year and I decided we should make it zombie themed since the house has a zombie theme and we’re obsessed with the walking dead.


I make our cake using a funfetti cake mix and I add some extra Halloween sprinkles. You then bake according to the box directions. I then mashed up some Oreo cookies (Only the chocolate cookie parts with the cream removed) until it all looks like dirt.


It’s amazing how much crushed Oreo cookies look like dirt.


I then frost our cake with Milk Chocolate frosting and top it with the crushed Oreo cookie.


I then decorated it will various zombie/Walking dead themed cake decorations like…


Tomb stones with names of the characters from the show and zombie hands…


Cars, bones, and chainsaws…


Gummy eyeballs and candy bones…


And trees to give it that final cemetery and forest look.


I love how it came out and I love how it looks like the zombies are coming out of the dirt.


Hope you enjoy this Halloween The Walking Dead Cemetery cake as much as we do!

Have a Happy Halloween Everyone!



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