Our Thoughts On Design Mom The Book!


Hey All!

One of my favorite blogs ever run by the amazing Gabrielle Blair just released her New book titled Design Mom, which is the same name of her site DesignMom.com! Gabrielle is a mother, a designer, and an incredible blogger who I’ve been following for years. She has been an inspiration to me for all the years I’ve been reading her blog. I can only dream of accomplishing all she has accomplished with her blog one day. I’ve had the slight privilege of meeting her at Alt Summit last January, but I simply said HI and ran away as I was too nervous to talk to her. I know I’m such a wimp. I was thrilled when the kind folks at Artisan Publishing sent me a surprise box of amazing books including this amazing book to check out. I had been dying for this book to begin with, So I was thrilled. This fabulous book is filled with amazing tips for making your home more comfortable, functional, kid-friendly, and frankly beautiful. The photography is also amazing in this book!


Blair offers tips through out the book that reference everything from keeping things sane, to organizing and making things that are both stylish and fun. She also provides advice on getting the most out of family time, small spaces, storage solutions for the never-ending stream of kid stuff, fantastic DIY projects, and more.


There is so much great advice about home management for every stage in life! It’s a book all kinds of families can enjoy. It is not just a book about how to keep track of kids things, or hospitality with children in the home! It’s about creating a more creative life filled with fun traditions and unique different ways to approach a household and family life. It’s great for women of all stages and careers. I love the chapter about creating a “Movie Party Tradition.” My family and I love movies so this is a tradition we already have, but it was great to hear her thoughts and tips so we can make our tradition even better!


The chapter on grooming doesn’t have to happen in the bathroom rocked my world. It’s so true and it’s always a nightmare in the mornings when everyone is trying to get ready for work and school. Her honest and thoughtful opinions and suggestions make this book a perfect fit for me!

If you’re looking for a fun, creative, and unique approach to keeping things sane, organized, creative, and stylish with your home and family I highly recommend you pick up the book Design Mom! You’ll be very happy you did!

The lovely folks at Artisan also sent me a bunch of other amazing books I’m slowly working my way through. Book reviews take me forever and I’m so sorry for that. I just barely have time to sleep let alone have time to have to myself to sit down with the books I’ve been dying to read.


I’ll be surely posting about each and every one as soon as I’m done with them one by one! Stay tuned for more fabulous books from Artisan Books!



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