Our Thoughts On Disney Pixar Incredibles 2!

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After 14 years, Pixar’s The Incredibles finally gets a sequel and it was well worth the wait. Returning as writer and director of Incredibles 2 is master storyteller Brad Bird (The Iron Giant, Tomorrowland) who was the creator, writer, and director of the first Incredibles film. Bird brings back the cast and crew of the original film along with some welcome additions to tell a story that both compliments the original film and holds relevance today.

Returning cast includes Holly Hunter as Elastigirl, Craig T Nelson as Mr. Incredible, Sarah Vowell as Violet, and Sam Jackson as Frozone. Replacing the character of Dash is new comer Huck Milner. Also new to the cast are Catherine Keener (Get Out, Percy Jackson) and Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul, The Post) as Evelyn and Winston Deavor, the sister and brother duo that want to bring supers back into the main stream. Also returning is composer Michael Giacchino who not only scored the first Incredibles film, but in between has scored such major films as Doctor Strange, Jurassic World, Rogue One A Star Wars Story and even won an Oscar for Pixar’s Up. But it’s hardly an Incredibles movie without Edna Mode, once again voiced by Brad Bird. Yup, he wrote, directed and acted; thus proving how much of him is really in the film.

As for the story itself, at the end of the first Incredibles film, the city was being attacked by The Underminer (still voice by Pixar alum John Ratzenberger). The Incredibles 2 takes place seconds after this. We see the family battle The Underminer, only to cause more property damage which explains why supers are still not widely accepted by the masses. Enter Evelyn and Winston Deavor; sibling business owners that have a plan to bring supers back into the main stream. Through cost analysis research they determine that’s its actually Elastigirl who is the better investment to initiate the plan; she causes less property damage. So that leaves Mr. Incredible to stay home and help Dash with his homework, try to set up situations for Violet and her crush to interact, and the most entertaining task is of course babysitting Jack-Jack as his many powers start developing. While Elastigirl is on the job, she begins encountering a new villain that is able to mind control people via viewing screens (TVs, phones, computers, etc.) named The Screenslaver. Screenslaver is really against the supers returning; believing that people relay too much on Supers to solve their problems and this has stiffened humanity’s growth as a whole.

Making Elastigirl the one performing the heroics was a genius idea. Though this story and its animation was completed before the current women’s empowerment movements occurring all over America, it certainly has hit at the perfect time. Additionally, there are few films in which a female is the lead superhero; and it is important for young girls to see that representation. In the first film Elastigirl is still interesting and performing heroics, but she was primarily the concerned wife or the protective mother. To see her swinging through the streets and fighting crime and solving mysteries is refreshing. And visually she is incredibly dynamic. Mr. Incredible is a powerhouse, but not the most graceful of combatants. Elastigirl is all about moving fast and moving smart. She knows exactly how to stretch and twist herself to travel and fight. In fact, I would say that the animators have her move more like Spider-Man than like a character who just stretches. The action scenes in this film really are taken to the next level and I firmly believe that it is because of Elastigirl’s power set.

In a world where superhero films are dominating the market, it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd. No longer are audience members content to simply watch a superhero on the big screen. Marvel Studios changed that with the high quality Avengers films that continue to satisfy audiences and break box office records. To stand with those films you need to have an engaging story, quality production, relatable characters, and heart. Incredibles 2 has all of things in abundance, but it has more thing that Pixar always provides and some superhero films can’t; Incredibles 2 also has fun. To tell a story that is timeless, socially relevant, and fun? That is truly incredible.


INCREDIBLES 2 is in theatres everywhere now! Be sure to get your tickets now, as you don’t want to miss it!

Visit the official INCREDIBLES 2 website here: http://disney.com/incredibles2.

Jesse Delia