Our Thoughts On Disney’s New Film Cinderella!


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Disney’s Cinderella is the latest live action interpretation of the timeless classic fairytale. This film definitely takes most of its inspiration from the 1950’s Disney animated feature of the same name. Cast as Cinderella is Lily James (Downton Abbey). Her Prince Charming is Richard Madden (Game of Thrones). Madden not only is handsome and regal in appearance, but also has mastered the look of love at first sight. When he first meets Cinderella the audience completely believes he is enamored with her. His father The King is played by Branagh alum Derek Jacobi (Henry V). Stellan Skarsgård (Thor, The Avengers) is the Grand Duke, who has the kingdom’s best political interests at heart but at the expense of the Prince. The Prince’s one and only friend is The Captain of the Guards, played charmingly by Nonso Anozie (another alum from Game of Thrones). Cate Blanchett (The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings films) relishes in the cruel but elegant stepmother Lady Tremaine. Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter) and Ben Chapmin (The Truth About Cats and Dogs) briefly but memorably play Cinderella’s parents. Helena Bonham Carter (The Harry Potter Series) serves double duty as Narrator and the Fairy Godmother, the later being wonderfully ditsy and charming.


The story of Cinderella is one that has been told in many different interpretations both live action and animated. Much like Hamlet or Batman each generation will have their own Cinderella story which with they will identify. This version is as close as can be to the Animated Disney film right down to Cinderella befriending a goose and mice (Yes Gus Gus is in the film). What will make this film stand out through the ages is the way the film is masterfully shot. This visual masterpiece with vibrant colors, lush landscapes and gorgeous sets could only have been told with a true artist’s vision.


With the same cinematographer from Marvel’s Thor (Haris Zambarloukos) director Kenneth Branagh brings the same visual spectacle to this fairy tale. Together they are able to bring the majesty of a kingdom, the wonder of fairy magic, and the subtle beauty of the country to the silver screen with breathtaking beauty. Most impressive is the way the home of Cinderella transforms with the character. As a child the home is bright, ethereal and full of life and wonder. As a young woman, with the entrance of the stepmother and stepsisters, the home darkens slightly and becomes colder but still very sharp and clean. As an adult, and taking on full duties of a servant girl, the home has lost all brightness with the sharpness of the picture increasing to accentuate the shambles that the home has become. And scenes of the palace are crystal clear and filled of the most vibrant of regal colors. But perhaps the greatest visual achievement is the magical dress and slippers. Somehow the filmmakers have found a way to make the bluest blue you have ever seen on the screen for Cinderella’s dress. When Cinderella enters the ballroom of the palace for the first time the vibrancy of her dress contrasted with the rest of the scene illustrates why all eyes fall to her and the room parts like the red sea so that she and her prince may meet.


Because this is a Disney production, the film is acceptable viewing for all ages with no real violence, sexuality or harsh language. Many scenes are very emotional and could cause crying from the more sensitive children, but nothing to traumatize or give nightmares. Most prevalent is the important moral of the story that all children and adults should adhere to: always remember to have courage and to be gentle and kind.

CINDERELLA opens in theaters March 13th, 2015!

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