Our Thoughts On Marvel’s Captain Marvel!

Marvel kicks off International Women’s Day this year with the release of the 21st entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe Captain Marvel: the first Marvel film with a female as the lead. I have been waiting for this for a long time. And in accordance with the Marvel Brand, Captain Marvel is more than just a film about superheroics, but it is that as well. The events of Captain Marvel take place in 1995 and it actually makes a lot of sense. The film was directed by Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden (the duo that wrote the film Half Nelson, which I am huge fan of, but don’t worry this one is more fun) and written by them and Geneva Robertson-Dworet (writer of 2018’s Tomb Raider).

Taking place in the 90s is a smart move for the film as it is allowed to tell the kind of story that is not hindered by the question of “Where are the rest of the Avengers?” Several Marvel films have the benefit of taking place away from the main frolic; like the Guardians films being set in space, Hank Pym being untrustworthy of the Avengers in the Ant-Man films, or even Doctor Strange’s villains being mystical and thus way outside a realm that the Avengers can handle. But not since Captain America The First Avenger has a movie taken place in a decade outside the current era.

Marvel gets to have fun with this too by having a young Nick Fury, here just an Agent of SHIELD, as well as a young Agent Coulson. Both Sam Jackson and Clark Gregg get the Marvel digital treatment of lifting years off their face and it has never looked better or more realistic. But being set in the 90s also allows for Marvel to get to use a soundtrack which includes a bunch of 90s pop songs with female lead vocalists like TLC, Hole, Garbage, and No Doubt. The 90s was definitely the decade of “girl power” and it would not impossible to think that a movie like Captain Marvel could be released in that time.

But getting to the story, Captain Marvel (Academy Award Winner Brie Larson from Room) is actually Carol Danvers. She is also known as Vers, an elite warrior in the Kree army who is separated from her team during a mission and ends up crashing on Earth. She is chased by shapeshifting aliens called Skrulls (a classic Marvel Comics alien race) lead by Talos (played by Ben Mendelsohn from Star Wars Rogue One).

Marvel’s crash is investigated by SHIELD Agents Fury (MCU vet Sam Jackson) and Coulson (the other MCU vet Clark Gregg). After some chase and initial distrust, Marvel and Fury soon learn they are the only ones they can trust as they embark on a journey to see what the Skrulls are really after and who Captain Marvel really is. Along the way they pick up Goose, a cat.

Now, lots of people have been talking about how Goose the Cat steals the show, and I must admit that between Fury’s interaction with Goose, the cat flying into space with them, and a secret that the cat holds, Goose is definitely a highlight in the film.

In summation, Captain Marvel is another fun entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe which fits perfectly into the overall story they are telling. While standing on its own, it is also very much a must see since it is very clear that Captain Marvel herself will play a crucial role in the next Marvel Epic Avengers End Game. On its own, Captain Marvel is a celebration of the kind of heroics we find in every Marvel movie; being able to stand when others tell you that cannot.

CAPTAIN MARVEL is in theatres everywhere now!

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