Our Thoughts On Prey, A Predator Prequel!

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Hey All!

Prey is a prequel of sorts to the 1987 film Predator and the fifth entry in the Predator franchise. The setting is 1719 in early North America. Directed by Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane) and written by Patrick Aison (Wayward Pines), Prey follows a Comanche tribe and their struggles encountering a very early member of the Predator alien race visiting Earth.

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Amber Midthunder (Legion) stars as Naru, a young Comanche who longs to be a warrior, but by her tribe is seen as nothing more than someone good with medicine. Naru is the first to witness the event of the Predator arriving and is the first to notice something amiss through the hunting grounds. While Prey captures the feel of the original Predator by being about survival and the theme of what it means to be dangerous and a hunter, it is also very much the journey of Naru coming of age and discovering her strengths. This is the first Predator film which stars a solo female in the lead and that is 100% intentional as one of the main focuses is emphasizing how a female is underestimated for her warrior prowess and we see how a character goes from prey to predator.

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Prey also uses the setting of a lush and untainted landscape of the Canadian wilderness to represent the majesty of the Great Plains circa early 1700s. The landscape is truly stunning and director Dan Trachtenberg shoots it beautifully and makes this possibly one of the gorgeous looking films in the Predator franchise.

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While the film is violent and there is blood, nothing is gratuitous and it maintains a PG-13 rating. And despite the PG-13 rating, the film is no less menacing and thrilling. The fight choreography throughout the film is realistic and intense. We see the Predator take on wildlife, troops of men, and go one on one in some very fun combat situations.

For Predator fans, Prey is a must see! For fans of good sci-fi action, it is one of the more thrilling films I have seen this year.

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  • I think Prey did an excellent job at crafting a fresh new story. Let’s face it, predictor sequels and spin-offs have felt more like a money grab. But here there’s a real story that cleverly weaves a number of storylines together to spin up this intriguing edition.

    Amber Midthunder more than holds her own and keeps the pace moving. And the movie does a great job at leveraging the historical context for maximum effect.

    Big thumbs up from me.