Our Thoughts On The Film If I Stay!



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Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, If I Stay is one girl’s out of body experience as her life flashes before her eyes. Listening to this concept one could think this is a supernatural drama but never does the film feel like fantasy or science fiction. If I Stay is grounded by playing out more as a young girl’s coming of age story that can relate to everyone.


The star and driving force of this film is without a doubt Chloë Grace Moretz who plays Mia. Moretz brings Mia to life with her range of emotions as a nervous teenage girl with a crush to a complete emotional wreck as a young adult. Moretz is so natural and human as Mia that she is instantly relatable; this very interesting since most of the roles she is known for are very far removed from being normal and relatable (the Kick-Ass franchise, Let Me In, and Carrie).


Because the film is told primarily through flashbacks we see not only the story of how Mia came to her situation, but what shaped her as a person. Mia’s parents are the counter culture couple Denny and Kat who grew up in the punk rock era and they are played perfectly by Joshua Leonard (The Blair Witch Project) and Mireille Enos (The Killing and World War Z). Unlike them, Mia prefers classical musical with her instrument of choice being the cello. It is the cello that is her passion and that passion brings the attention of another teenage musician Adam, played by Jamie Blackley (The Fifth Estate and Snow White and the Huntsman). Adam is a handsome singer/guitarist in a garage band; naturally he is the desire of most high school girls and Mia is no exception. With Adam, Mia is able to experience life like never before as she goes on her first date, has her first kiss, and for the first time has fun with people that are of the same counter culture as her own parents.


In the film’s present, Mia (and this has been shown in the advertisements so this should not be a spoiler) has just gone through a car crash that has hospitalized her and her entire family. While catatonic, she is able to see and listen to the friends and family that care so much for her and have been such an impact on her life. It is in this present that Mia is confronted with the most difficult choice of her entire life; should she stay and should she pass on?


This film is rated PG-13 due young adult drinking, sexual situations, and some light swearing. Though the film does contain these scenes which require parental guidance for young teens, the scenes are done with class and are not gratuitous. Parents should not feel concerned with taking their child and should be encouraged. The character of Mia is intelligent, responsible, and a good example for young girls that may soon be entering the age where they must make those decisions that will shape the rest of their life.

For more info about the film visit ifistaymovie.com.

The film hits theaters August 22nd!